Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Week of April 16 - April 22

Danna Whitney- Secretary

Danna did an amazing job throughout The BIG Event! Danna ran non-stop throughout the entire event, including helping prep and facilitating clean up. I am certain she did much more than I can imagine. --- Laural Dailey

Amy Wicker- Secretary

I truly appreciate Amy and her overwhelming willingness to assist anyone on the CHHS team.  Her constant energy and professionalism is truly appreciated  - especially by me :) 
Amy Wicker ROCKS!   --- Alice Jordan-Miles

Gabrielle Reinhard- Clerk

Bri stepped right up and took over our Tapestry tasks like she had been here for years.  She smiles and never complains about the amount of work. I never second guess whether she has completed a task.  So happy to have her on our team!  --- Roxanne Kingsbury

Tanner Clarke- Clerk

Our DCS Marketing department needed assistance in distributing summer fliers/bumper stickers the week after spring break.  Tanner made several trips out to the IPFW parking lots to put these materials on the windshields of students' vehicles. 
She also traipsed all over campus putting floor stickers (another Marketing project) on sidewalks promoting summer courses!
Thanks again for your help!   --- Deb Heins

Tanner deserves a big thank-you (and RIPPLE) for putting her creative talents to work not only in putting our Online student newsletter together, and coming up with fresh ideas for the bulletin board, but mostly because she went 'all out' prior to homecoming week by being a key organizer in decorating our Kettler Hall.

Thanks, Tanner, for your creativity and enthusiasm!  ---Deb Heins

Lynn Armstrong- Police Sergeant

Jump-starting my car after returning from a conference.

There's nothing like that feeling you get when turning that ignition and nothing happens. Something did happen after you showed up: a whole lot of gratitude! Thank you for helping me, sharing a little bit of your story, and making a difference in the lives of others. Thanks to you, my battery and vocation have been recharged! --- Buck Jordan