Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Archives- Week January 30- February 5

Aaron McClaskey- Creative Copy Writer

Aaron did a stellar job leading our social media team over the last few months. His willingness to step in and take on the responsibilities of another job role while continuing to manage his own is something to be acknowledged and appreciated! Thank you for being such a valuable, reliable team player and great person to work with overall! ---Valerie Gough

Joshua D Smith- Senior Programming/Applications Systems Analyst

Despite being here only a short time, Josh has been able to cut through some very thick reporting weeds. Thanks to Josh for clearing the way for a path where there was none.---Beth Iserman

Carolyn Ladd- Compensation and Classification Administrator

Now that the dust has settled on the recruitment effort for ITS's first Asset Coordinator and the reorganization of the Installs Team, I am honored to submit this ripple expressing my appreciation for the dedication, guidance, and assistance Carolyn provided in these efforts. From the first conversation to the last, she partnered with and shepherded me through this process resulting in success!! ---LV McAllister