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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Irah Modry-Caron, Director of Institutional Research, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment,

I appreciate your special effort talking with me as we try to provide information and meet difficult deadlines. Sometimes I just need reassurance that I am not crazy and you provide that steady state for me! I admire your demeanor as well as your expertise! Thank you so much.

--- Karen VanGorder

Richard Grzych, Custodian, Special Events

I appreciate your special effort being so kind and considerate during dead week to stop what you were doing to assist me. You brought a smile on my face on a very cold and gloomy day.

--- Mariah Shakoor

Tanner Clarke, Clerk, Continuing Studies

Marketing needed a spreadsheet checked against Banner today and since we all had other projects going on before finals week, Tanner took on the assignment and completed it a timely manner! Thanks for helping the team!

 --- Deb Hein

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