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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Lalita Boykins, Assistant Director Financial Literacy and Student Loans

Great job brainstorming and drafting the text for the robo call message for students who did not attend. Thank you for taking the time to help me create and practice a well scripted message.

--- Laura Zeigler

Larry Fisher- Maintenance Mechanic

Larry is the type of person who has a "CAN DO" attitude! Anytime that we have called upon him, he has been there to help with a smile on his face. It's been said that the best way to prepare for the future is to take care of the present. Larry, we have you to thank for that, and we are truly, very grateful!!

--- Lisa A. Brodasky

Kathryn Snyder– Operations Assistant

Kathryn's help with awarding the Purdue Scholarship has been outstanding. She has went above and beyond her normal job duties. Her knowledge has been invaluable. She has been very supportive and helpful, truly wonderful to work with!

--- Clara Sarrazine

Courtney Seymour– Clerk

Courtney is always offering to help me with projects (phone calls and mailing packages). She also joined the Summerfest Committee when we were down a few people. Thanks for all your help!

--Tanner Clarke

Kris Ohneck– Wellness Assistant  

Kris brings articles and tidbits that help me spread well-being to our clients. Thank you for remembering me and helping to promote wellness.

-- Braden McKinley

Tanner Clarke– Clerk  

Thanks for finishing the project for Melinda Conley while I was out ill yesterday! I was able to get through about six names before the close of day a week ago and then summer pay calcs needed to be scanned and sent off to instructors so I never was able to get back to it. We can always count on Tanner to help as needed in DCS!

-- Deb Hein

Vicki Hollinger– Account Clerk  

Thanks for being diligent in preparing the summer pay calcs during the transformation and passing them on to our area for approvals and review! Here's to hoping the new process will be 'Seemless' this fall!

-- Deb Hein

Courtney Seymour– Clerk  

Thanks for taking the graduate brochures and marketing items over to the Education department last week (they needed them quickly for an upcoming event) since I was working on the summer pay calcs. Appreciate your willingness to help!

-- Deb Hein

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