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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Ernie DeWeese, Groundskeeper, Grounds

This morning as I was walking from the parking lot, I observed an elderly couple trying to get across the icy sidewalk. The gentleman had one of those rolling things to help him walk. Ernie stopped his little maintenance vehicle, helped them up to the door. Then he came back to me in case I needed help. I want to recognize Ernie for his kind acts and for his concern this morning.

 --- Leslie Clark

Sasina Nuiprasit, Student Service, International Education

You are such an amazing asset to the Office of International Education, especially International Admissions. Your motivation to learn, willingness to take risk, and ambition are only a small portion of the contributions you make. I am very proud of you!

 --- Marla K. Workman

Grounds Crew, Grounds Operation, Grounds

Thank you to the PFW Grounds crews that keep our roads and sidewalks clear. I have been to campus early on several snowy weekends and found the roads cleared. The icy conditions were certainly a challenge for everyone, but the crews worked hard to make sure everyone made it in safely, even giving some a quick ride from their cars. Thank you all!

 --- Roxanne Kingsbury

Jeffrey Eley, Workstation Systems Specialist, Information Technology Services

Thank you for your assistance helping me solve all my computer problems. I really appreciate the patience you showed, positive attitude, and your determination to solve the problems!

 --- Whitney Rawles

Ernie DeWeese, Groundskeeper, Grounds

Ernie- On Tuesday morning with ice all around us, you graciously offered me a ride up to the Kettler Hall entrance from my car. THANK YOU! Your kindness meant a great deal to me.

 --- Cindy Vanderlaan

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