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 Coming January 1, 2019! 

SuccessFactors is part of the Transform Purdue system enhancement that will integrate recruitment, onboarding, time tracking, leaves requests, merit, compensation, and performance appraisal in one unified location.  The system creates a unified location for employee data from new hire to retiree with streamlined processes and system functionality for all employees.

Why are we changing?  To take us from a paper-based, manual calculation and entry transactional system to a real time, automated workflow with programmed calculations.  What does that mean?  No more paper, automation, less routing, and less chance for errors.  We are creating a culture of trust and accountability.

Recruiting and onboarding a new employee from student to faculty will be a seamless process where the workflow is automated with eApprovals, eOffers, transparency of progress, and electronic collection of new employee documents (eDocs).  All new employees and rehires will begin their first day of employment in HR Services to finalize the onboarding process and verify their I-9.  Take a look at these PowerPoints and videos available for a better idea of how SuccessFactors will have an impact on what you do:

What should departments start thinking about now?  After watching the video on recruiting and onboarding, you can see that the automation streamlines how quickly we are able to hire someone.  Does your department hire a large group of students in a short amount of time during a particular time of year?  What about LTLs or any other group?  If so, it is never too early to begin communicating with HR Services regarding your onboarding needs.  HR Services will have designated times when they will not be able to onboard employees due to payroll processing.

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