Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Enhancing, Developing and Strengthening
Purdue Fort Wayne Leadership Resources



Project Updates from 2016 Cohort 

The Purdue Fort Wayne Leadership Academy was implemented in 2016 to enhance, develop and strengthen the university's leadership resources.  Each year the program works with a select cohort of highly effective chairs, directors and managers who engage in a variety of learning activities followed by completion of a funded project.  Participants in this competency based program will:

  • Complete a 360° feed back assessment process to prioritize reflection, self-awareness, and further individual growth;
  • Participate in a full day workshop along with eight other programs, including a field trip to a local organization

Competencies to be developed include:

  • Conflict management
  • Interpersonal and team skills
  • Project and time management
  • Change and transitions management
  • Leadership self-awareness


2018 Leadership Academy Planning Team

The 2018 Leadership Academy Planning Team consists of Christine Kuznar, Senior Associate Athletic Director (Co-Chair), Cynthia Springer, Executive Director Human Resources and Institutional Equity, Kim McDonald, Associate Dean, ETCS and Professor of Organizational Leadership, Marcia Dixson, Associate Vice Chancellor for Teaching and Learning (Co-Chair) and Bruce Kingsbury, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences

For questions, contact Marcia Dixson or Christine Kuznar, Co-Chairs.