Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Who has Responsibilities

Who has responsibilities under Title IX?

While the University encourages all campus community members to report incidents of harassment or discrimination, several classifications of employees have been identified as “mandatory reporters” for Title IX purposes. These employees have authority and responsibilities to take action to remedy harassment. Examples of mandatory reporters include:

  • Vice presidents, vice chancellor, vice provosts, deans, department heads, directors and coaches.
  • Employees in supervisory or management roles.
  • Faculty members.
  • Student affairs professionals.
  • Residential life staff.


What is the purpose of mandatory reporter?

Through you knowledge and application of University policy and state laws, you play an important role in:

  • Protecting students, faculty and staff from incidents of sexual violence
  • Supporting sexual assault survivors.
  • Helping the University maintain a safe environment by striving to eliminate, prevent, and address discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual violence


What are your primary responsibilities as a mandatory reporter?

The main responsibility of mandatory reporter is to report any Title IX violations to the University as soon as possible. You are required to report incidents you personally observe as well as incidents reported to you. You must report these offenses to the designated office on campus.

Additionally, all mandatory reporters are required to report instances of suspected child abuse in accordance with Indiana law.


What additional responsibilities might you have as a mandatory reporter?

Many mandatory reporters under Title IX are also considered Campus Security Authorities (CSAs) under the Clery Act. As such, you may be required to file reports of certain crimes, including sexual assault and child abuse/neglect. According to procedures outlined by the Clery Act.