Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

Reporting child sexual abuse

Reporting any suspected or witnessed sexual abuse of a minor is required by Indiana law for anyone over the age of 18. Reports may be anonymous.

Indiana Code article IC 31-33 deals with reporting and investigation of child abuse and neglect. The obligations under Indiana law are:

    • Anybody over the age of 18 must report suspected child abuse or neglect (of any kind, not just sexual in nature) to the police or to Child Protective Services (IC 31-33-5-1).
    • Purdue faculty and staff may also report suspicions to a supervisor or other designated person, who also becomes responsible for filing a report or causing a report to be filed (IC 31-33-5-2).
      • — However, reporting to a supervisor or other designated person does not relieve an individual of their obligation to file a report (

IC 31-33-5-3

  • Anyone who reports child abuse or neglect or is involved in the investigation of the report (except the accused) is immune from civil or criminal liability, unless they acted maliciously or in bad faith (IC 31-33-6).

Responsibilities under Purdue’s policy:

    • Report suspected child abuse or neglect to police (call 911 in an emergency) or Child Protective Services (800-800-5556)
    • Report child sexual abuse by Purdue faculty, staff, students, volunteers, contractors, or other covered persons in accordance with the Anti-Harassment policy