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Public Records Request

Public Records

Open records requests may be made pursuant to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act, IC § 5-14-3.  On the Purdue University Fort Wayne campus, Christine M. Marcuccilli has been designated as the Public Records Officer.

What is a Public Record?

Any writing, paper, report, study, map, photograph, book, card, tape recording, or other material that is created, received, retained, maintained, or filed by or with a public agency.  This includes any record generated on paper, paper substitutes, photographic media, magnetic or machine readable media, or any other material, regardless of form or characteristics, including email, voicemail, databases, instant messaging and text messages.

What does a Public Records Officer do?

   * Reviews all requests for access to public records
   * Facilitates the response to public records requests
   * Administers the Access to Public Records policy for the University

Procedure for Responding to Requests:

If someone contacts you or your department to request access to any record:

   1.  Clearly state that you have no authority to receive, grant, or deny any request for access.

   2.  Instruct them to contact Institutional Equity and/or direct the person to this web page.

Fill out a request form:

   Public Records Request Form