Honors Program

Honors Student Accomplishments

We are so proud of our Honors students and their accomplishments! If you have something you would like to share with us, please let us know--we would love to celebrate with you!

2014-2015 Publications

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) had a paper, “A Cloud-Based Approach to Spectrum Monitoring,” accepted for publication in the IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Magazine. The paper was co-written with Dr. Todor Cooklev, Director of IPFW’s Wireless Technology Center, and will appear in the April 2015 issue. Elizabeth A. Thompson Ph.D. (Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering, IPFW), Charles McIntosh, James Isaacs, Eric Harmison, and Ross Sneary wrote “Robot Communication Link using 802.11n or 900 MHz OFDM” which was accepted for publication in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications. Eric Harmison and Ross Sneary are engineers at Exelis.  James Isaacs, Ph.D. is retired from there and is currently an adjunct engineering faculty at IPFW.

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) co-authored an article with Dr. Elizabeth Thompson (Electrical Engineering), James Isaacs, Eric Harmison, and Ross Sneary, entitled “Robot Communication Link using 802.11n or 900 MHz OFDM” which was accepted for publication in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications.

Conference Presentations

Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS) has presented her Biology research at the Indiana Academy of Science Conference.  She has also presented the results of her Spanish Community Service Learning Project at the 2014 IPFW Service Learning Showcase, and was invited to present it at the Indiana Campus Compact in Spring 2015.   

Sadie King-Hoffmann presented at the November 2014 Midwest Modern Language Association conference in Detroit, MI. Her paper was entitled “'You chose books. I chose looks:' Gender and Power in Roald Dahl’s Matilda.”

Aaron Thieme (Philosophy/Women’s Studies) presented his paper, "Personhood, Autonomy, and Abortion: A Critique of Thomson's Argument from Bodily Autonomy," at the 2014 Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference which took place on September 18-19, 2014.

In March 2015, two IPFW Honors students presented papers at the Midwest Business Administration Association International Conference in Chicago:

Ciara Cox (Economics), “Impact of Hosting of Olympic Games on National GDP”

Matthew Furge (Finance), “An Analysis of Aggregate Household Income and Household Mortgages”

Both Ciara and Matthew received Honors Program Conference Travel Grants.

Creative Endeavors

Evan Gidley (Music) was the featured guest soloist at the 2014 IPFW Community Orchestra Fall Concert.

Several Honors Students performed in IPFW Community Orchestra's presentation of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff on April 14, 2015 in Auer Performance Hall:

Sarah Call (Music Education), IPFW Community Orchestra - Percussion 

Autumn Gasser (English Education), IPFW Chamber Choir - Soprano & IPFW Community Orchestra - Viola

Josette Grames (Music Therapy), IPFW Community Orchestra - Percussion 

Naomi Ifer (Music Education), IPFW University Singers - Alto

Moriah Landon (Music Therapy), IPFW University Singers - Alto

Kristina Stewart (Psychology), IPFW Choral Union - Soprano

2015 Special Recognitions

Ciara Cox was voted the Senior Business Economics student. She was selected as the Class Representative Speaker at IPFW 50th Anniversary Gala. During the 2014-2015 academic year, she hosted a Financial Literacy Workshop, based on her Summer 2014 research during an internship in Washington, DC, supported by a grant from the Honors Program.   

Hannah Janssen (Business) was awarded Regional Collegian of the Year for Delta Sigma Pi, a professional business fraternity. She was nominated by our chapter here at IPFW, and then selected by a committee out of 5 other nominees. 

James Schwartz (Engineering) received an Honors Program Conference Travel Grant to attend as an invited guest the18th Annual Association for Nontraditional Students in Higher Education (ANTSHE) Conference Washington, DC. James is a past recipient of the Gilman International Scholarship, and has been accepted to University of Bern for Fall 2015. 

Alexander Silowsky (Chemistry) is a math and science tutor for the IPFW “Being First”—a program that supports IPFW students who are the first members of their immediate families to seek a four-year degree.

Honors Scholarships

Kelsie Gillig (Anthropology/Linguistics) received an Honors Scholarship to attend the 2015 Linguistic Society of America's (LSA) Summer Institute.

Taylor Goodpaster (CDS) received an Honors Course Scholarship for Spring 2015 for her H-Option for ENG W460: Introduction to Literacy Studies. Taylor's H-Option coursework is to help her with preparation for her MA Studies at Purdue University.

Sara Jackson (English/History) was awarded an Honors Program Teaching Assistantship scholarship for English W131: Reading, Writing, and Inquiry I (Instructor: Charles Totten).

Sadie King-Hoffmann (CSD/English) was awarded an Honors Program Teaching Assistantship for WOST 240: Food and Feminism (Instructor: Elizabeth Mannir).

Luisa Luciano Pires (POLS) received a $1000 Honors Study Abroad Scholarship to support her study this summer (2015) at the Hessen Hessen International Study University (University of Marburg, Germany). In addition to the required coursework, Luisa will begin research on her Honors Project, dealing with Palestinian reight of return. 

Shelby Smiley (Biochemistry) will be working with Dr. Robert Visalli and Melissa Visalli researching the Varicella-Zoster Virus Portal Protein (pORF54 at Mercer University Savannah,  Georgia campus. She is the recipient of the Summer 2015 Honors Research Assistantship Grant.

Crysta Terry (Psychology) was the recipient of three scholarships from the Honors Program. She received two Research Assistant Scholarships (one for Spring 2015 and one for Summer 2015) for her work with Dr. Ryan Yoder on spatial learning with mice. She will be presenting her research at the    Midwestern Psychological Association in Chicago as well as the Association for Psychological Science in New York. She received an Honors Teaching Assistantship for PSY 329 Psychobiology with Professor Ryan Yoder also for Spring 2015.

Aaron Thieme (Philosophy/WOST) was accepted to the 2015 Colorado Summer Seminar in Philosophy at Boulder, Colorado, where he will do research on applied ethics, supported by the Honors  Program Research Grant

Honors Program & Undergraduate Research on Campus

Six Honors students presented their research at the 7th Annual Undergraduate History Department Conference on April 18, 2015: Shawn Burns (History), Cody Fuelling (History/Education), Rachel Habegger (Biology/History), Andrew Hakes (History), Melissa Norton (History/WOST), Megan Stoffer (History).

Four Honors Communication majors presented their research at the Second Annual IPFW Communication Symposium on April 9, 2015: Sara DanielianMatt FurgeWesley Stevens, and Makinsey Williams.

Honors Students at the 2015 Research and Creative Endeavor Poster Symposium

The 2015 Research and Creative Endeavor Poster Symposium was held on March 27. The Honors Program was one of the event's sponsors, and current and past Honors students were well represented among the participants:

Bre Anne Briskey (Psychology), “Pb and I(Q): The Consequences of Lead Exposure on the IQ Levels of Children” (Mentor: Dr. Chand Chauhan)

Austin Gagnon (Physics and Engineering), “High Quality, Low Cost, Laser Power Meter” (Mentor: Dr. Mark Masters)

Taylor Goodpaster (CSD), “Oral Miscues In Struggling Readers” (Mentor: Dr. Pam Reese)

Rachel Habegger (Biology/History), “Lysenkoism: A Triumph of Soviet Science” (Mentor: Dr. Ann Livschiz)

Andrew Hakes (History), “Massacre in Teutoburg” (Mentor: Dr. Suzanne LaVere)

Sara Jackson (English/History), “From the Bench: A Linguistic Analysis of Supreme Court Decisions” (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Stewart)

Jacquelyn Kelty (Chemistry), “On the efficiency of an enzyme that can incorporate non-natural   amino acids into proteins” (Mentor: Dr. Eric Tippmann)

Amanda Stoffer (Biology), “Genetic and biochemical characterization of the putative xanthine and uric acid transporters from the bacterial causative agent Paenibacillus larvae of the American Foulbrood disease (AFB) in honey bee” (Mentor: Dr. George Mourad)

Crysta Terry (Psychology), “Video Game Experience: Perception of Self-Motion and Motion Sickness in the Virtual World” [group project] (Mentor: Dr. Carol Lawton)

Crysta, along with her three classmates, were awarded the Second Place Prize at the symposium.                                

Kakathi Tummala (Physics), “Single Photon Avalanche Diode” (Mentor: Dr. Mark Masters)

Audrey Whetstone (English), “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Microcredit in Developing Countries”  (Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Stewart)

Scholarships & Awards

The College of Arts and Sciences held its annual Honors Banquet on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Congratulations to the following Honors students who received recognition and awards from their departments at the Banquet:

Sameha Albayyari (Biology), Service Award for Supplemental Instruction

Alexander Allison (History), Sharon Alt Piepenbrink Outstanding Paper Award and History Department Promising Scholar Award

Sarah Bercot (English/French), Excellence in Service Award - French & Avon Crismore Award (English)

Luke Bertsch (Math), Maynard Mansfield Award  and Actuarial Science Award

Shawn Burns (History), Excellence in International Studies Award

Alicia De Leon (Biology/ILCS), Excellence in Foreign Language Award - Spanish

Evan Frauhiger (History), Outstanding History Senior Award, Excellence in International Studies Award, Graduation with Highest Distinction

Kelsie Gillig (Anthropology), Ethics in Linguistics Award Winner and Floyd Neff Scholarship

Taylor Goodpaster (CSD), Service Award for Supplemental Instruction 

Rachel Habegger (Biology/History), Graduation with Distinction

Andrew Hakes (History), Judie and Ralph Violette History Scholarship

Sara Jackson (English/History), Sylvia Bowman Award & Arline Standley Scholarship

Tara Joyce (Math), Outstanding Senior Award in Mathematics

Jacquelyn Kelty (Chemistry), Robert Wise Scholarship

Sadie King-Hoffmann (CSD/English), Outstanding English Major Award and Graduation with Distinction 

Guchen Liu (Math), Lowell W. Beineke Scholarship and the Actuarial Science Award

Melissa Norton (History/WOST), Linda C. Fox Merit

Amity Pauley (WOST/Comm), Service Award for Writing Consulting from CASA

Kathleen Schwartz (German/Biology), German Heritage Society Scholarship

Katelyn Simmons (CSD), Downtown Sertoma-William Doctor/Charles M. Henry Jr. Scholarship

Wesley Stevens (Communication), Graduation with Highest Distinction

Amanda Stoffer (Biology), Outstanding Senior Award in Biology

Aaron Thieme (Philosophy), Linda C. Fox Academic Merit Award and James Spencer Churchill Philosophy Scholarship

Kakathi Tummala (Physics), Outstanding Physics Researcher/Rising Physics Major

Audrey Whetstone (English), Georgiana Kryzminski Scholarship

At the IPFW Honors Convocation on October 5th, 2014, the following Honors students received recognition for their scholarships and awards:

Halee Bandt (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Matthew Christian (Theatre), O. Franklin Kenworthy Memorial Scholarship

Bryan Daugherty (Electrical Engineering/Physics), Fred Zollner Foundation Scholarship

Jennifer Dumford (Psychology), Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Kelli Faulkner (Biology Pre-Med),  Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Evan Frauhiger (History), Withers Scholarship

Evan Gidley (Music), Carlisle and Georgia Wilbur Smith Scholarship for Music

Rachel Gilreath (Psychology),  Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Dominique Goodlow (Business), Doermer Scholar

Andrea Harrison (Undecided), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship

Maelee Holderread (English Literature), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Carlisle and Georgia Wilbur Smith Scholarship for Music

Haley Hunter (Accounting/Criminal Justice), Bart E. Bircheff Accounting Scholarship; Bud Meeks Criminal Justice Scholarship

Sara Jackson (English/History), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship; Withers Scholarship

Hannah Janssen (Accounting), Blue and Company Accounting Scholarship

Moriah Landon (Music Therapy), LaVerne Noyes Scholarship

Amanda Leaders (Business), Doermer Scholar; Laverne Noyes Scholarship

Grace Mathews (Biology Pre-Med), Auer Scholar

Charles McIntosh (Electrical Engineering) was awarded the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship.

Kara Millington (Nursing), Auer Scholar

Hallel Paraiso (Biology Pre-Med), Dr. Beaumont S. Cornell Scholarship

Emilee Parke (Psychology), Top Ten Scholarship

Chance Parker (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Joseph Rasberry (Nursing), Parkview Hospital Nursing Scholarship

Rachel Roberts (Business) was awarded the Top Ten Scholarship.

Kari Schlichtenmyer (Math Actuarial Science), Mary F. and Clara A. Wehnert Scholarship

Brady Schrock (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar; Dan Butler Theatre Scholarship

James Schwartz (Information Technology/Electrical Engineering Tech), Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Scholarship

Wesley Stevens (Interpers and Org Comm), Robert E. Wise Scholarship

Benjamin Steyer (Business), Doermer Scholar

Megan Stoffer (History), Ralph E. Broyles Scholarship

Gabriel Walburn (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Ericka Webb (Theatre), Auer Theatre Scholar

Summer 2014

Natalie Millspaw (Biology) received an Honors Program Research Grant to work on her Honors Project—“ Conservation Genetics of the Blanding’s Turtle (Emys blandingii)” in May 2014.

Aaron Thieme attended the 2014 Carnegie Mellon University Summer School in Logic and Formal Epistemology, as part of the cohort of 25 "promising undergraduates in philosophy, mathematics, computer science, linguistics, economics, and other sciences." The goals of this summer school were to "introduce promising students to cross-disciplinary fields of research at an early stage in their career, and forge lasting links between the various disciplines."

Ciara Cox (Economics) received an Honors Program Scholarship to be applied towards her Summer 2014 Internship Program in Washington, DC.