Honors Program

Spring Showcase Presenters

Amity Pauley

Title: “Terroir of Two Places: Exploring Potentials and Limitations of Feminist Outcomes in French and US Food Movements.”
Major: Women’s Studies; Communication
Minors: Anthropology; French
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Michelle Kelsey Kearl (Communication)
External Reviewer: Dr. Laurie Corbin (ILCS)


Amity Pauley is a graduating senior with majors in women’s studies and interpersonal communication, and minors in French and anthropology. During her time at IPFW, she has presented her research at multiple conferences, including the IU Women’s and Gender Studies Conference and National Women’s Studies Association Conference.  She has been a recipient of a number of awards, including the Linda C. Fox Academic Merit Award, the Women’s Studies Outstanding Service Award and the Naseem Rachdi Scholarship. Her childhood and continuing food activism fosters her interest in the intersections of feminism and foodways. This fall, she will continue her studies at Brandeis University in the Women’s, Gender and Sexualities MA program. 



This paper discusses a gap in current feminist and sociological research, understanding where we can see potentials for residual feminist outcomes in movements related to food. Using two examples, The         Confederation Paysanne in France and the Detroit food activists in the United States, I illuminate the    potential for feminist outcomes in social justice oriented food movements while explaining how particular aspects of these movements limit such possibilities. Exploring commonalities and differences in the   movements’ histories, patterns of organization, and general resistance tactics uncovers areas that feminist scholars and activists alike have neglected in their analysis and actions. This paper offers a new way of looking at social movements through a feminist lens and indicates the need for strong feminist activism in other social movements, particularly food movements.