Honors Program

Fall Showcase Presenters

Matthew Furge

Title:  “A Comparative Analysis of the Housing Market: Comparing Allen County, IN and the United States”

Majors:  Economics/Finance/Interpersonal and Organizational Communication

Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Nodir Adilov (Economics)

 Matthew Furge

Matthew Furge is a Chancellor’s Distinguished Scholar and has had the opportunity to pursue three majors during his tenure at IPFW. He is scheduled to graduate in May with degrees in Business Finance, Economics, and Interpersonal & Organizational Communication. The combination of these degrees were chosen in an effort to combine two major aspects of his life: the ability to conduct research and the ability to interact with others. As a student on campus, he has had the opportunity to pursue individual research topics that have led to service learning and personal research projects. Matthew has had the opportunity to present his findings in significant ways, including presenting his service learning findings to the Erin’s House organization in Fort Wayne.  Matthew also had the chance to witness academics present research findings at a professional economics conference in Chicago, where he was able to present his initial honors research findings.  While studying at IPFW, he has had the opportunity to combine the theoretical foundations behind the concepts with the real-world applications.  This past summer, he had the opportunity to travel to Korea to learn about the differing economy and culture of a foreign country in an effort to further solidify the basic principles gathered in the classroom. Matthew hopes to pursue either an M.S in Finance or Economics in the near future.


Given the recent downturn of the United States economy, I wanted to delve deeper into some of the underlying causes. Much of the problem stemmed from the rise (and subsequent crash) of the housing market. In an effort to better understand the problem the United States was facing, I chose to investigate three main areas of concern: foreclosures relative to per capita income to show the effects of the housing market collapse, median home prices relative to the purchasing power of the consumer to show how consumers are somewhat to blame, and the trends in building permits to show the supply-side of economics in terms of future growth. The goals of the project were to understand these aforementioned factors while also conducting a comparison between a local area (Allen County, IN) to the nation as a whole.