Honors Program

Study Abroad

This scholarship (up to $1,000) is intended to help students take part in a Study Abroad program.

Application requirements:

  • copies of the appropriate forms from the Study Abroad office at IPFW
  • personal statement about the student’s goals for this study abroad program (why does the student want to go to this particular country/university? What is the student hoping to get out of it? How will it help with the future academic/professional/personal plans?)
  • budget (specifying expected sources of funding)
  • letter of support from faculty mentor(s)
  • for requests of support for study abroad, students will be encouraged to apply for other study abroad       scholarships on campus

If you are planning to apply for this scholarship, you should contact Farah Combs and discuss your plans before you submit your application.

Please submit your applications to Farah Combs, Honors Program Director (combsf@ipfw.edu).

Letter of support from your mentor(s) can be submitted directly by the mentor(s) to Farah Combs (combsf@ipfw.edu).