Honors Program

Conference Travel

This scholarship (up to $500) is intended to support students in attending professional conferences.

Application requirements:

  • information about the conference and student’s role in the conference (presenter, attendee, etc.)
  • statement about why attending this conference is significant for the student’s intellectual development/academic progress/future research goals/etc.
  • budget (specifying expected sources of funding)
  • letter of support from faculty mentor(s)
  • students are expected to show that they have applied for travel funding from OSP and Office of Student Affairs.

Priority will be given to students who are presenting their honors-work research at a conference.

Please submit your applications to Farah Combs, Honors Program Director (combsf@ipfw.edu). Letter of support from your mentor(s) can be submitted directly by the mentor(s) to Farah Combs (combsf@ipfw.edu).