Honors Program

STAT 125: Honors Communicating with Statistics

StatsHonors Communicating with Statistics (STAT 12500)  

CRN: 14075 TTh 12-1:15PM  

This course fulfills the Quantitative Reasoning Foundational Intellectual Skills (A.3) General Education Requirement (or Area I under the Old General Education Program).

Instructor: Dr. Chand K. Chauhan

The major goal of the proposed honors course is to provide students opportunities to learn, explore, and investigate the basic concepts of statistics by hands on activities and discussions. Besides learning the formulas and statistical procedures, students will discuss and investigate issues such as: Why we do what we do; Are there alternative methods, and if so, how good and practical are those methods? Students will share their findings with other students, and will become effective conveyer of the statistical results in simpler words.

Minitab will be introduced and simulation will be used for many activities.