Honors Program

PSY 12000: Honors Elementary Psychology

PsychologyHonors Elementary Psychology (PSY 12000)

CRN: 14059 W 1:30-2:45 (hybrid section)   

This course fulfills the Social and Behavioural Ways of Knowing (B.5) General Education Requirement (or Area III under the Old General Education Program).

Instructor:  Dr. Daniel Miller

This course will take a scientific approach to the study of behavior and mental processes, including learning, memory, perception, brain-behavior interactions, personality, intelligence, mental disorders, and social influences on behavior. In addition, students will be actively involved in examining some controversial issues in contemporary psychology, e.g. are memories of sex abuse always real, does viewing television increase aggression in children, is homosexuality genetically determined, etc. Students will explore these issues using resources on the Web as well as assigned readings. The goals of the course are for students to understand knowledge about behavior acquired through the scientific method and to become critical evaluators of everyday information related to psychology.