Honors Program

Honors Introduction to Women's Studies

Honors Introduction to Women's Studies (WOST 210)

Honors Introduction to Women's and Gender StudiesCRN: 13558 WOST 210-02H TR Noon-1:15PM 

This course fulfills the Social and Behavioural Ways of Knowing (B.5) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Janet Badia (Women's Studies)

This honors section of WOST210 will offer students the opportunity to explore theoretical arguments about the categories of sex and gender alongside discussions of the wide-range of institutions and media that shape contemporary women’s lives. To better grasp the significance of these arguments and discussions, we will ground our study of contemporary issues in an examination of material history and culture. That is to say, as we explore anthologized writings by feminist writers and women’s studies scholars, we will also consider important primary materials from the range of media to which these writings are often responding. This combination of work is designed to help you with the centerpieces of the class: a series of written analyses that ask you to investigate how women’s identities and women’s issues are constructed by the cultural artifacts that surround us, a researched paper that will allow you to delve further into how cultural artifacts construct women’s identities, and a hands-on activity that you will design and implement with your classmates.