Honors Program

Honors Intro to Managerial Accounting

Honors Intro to Managerial Accounting 11x14

Honors Intro to Managerial Accounting

23926 | BUS A202-04H | T/R  |  10:30-11:45AM    |  KT 128  |  3.0 cr.

Prerequisite: Sophomore, Junior, or Senior Class Standing Required

Instructor: Dr. Otto Chang (Accounting)

Introduction to concepts and issues of management accounting. It will explore management analysis techniques to allow business or not-for-profit organization to use relevant information to make better decision to improve effectiveness and efficiency. Topics included are strategic planning, budgeting, variance analysis, cost determination, and performance evaluation. This course is required for all business majors. The Honor’s option will extend the coverage into advanced areas of managerial accounting such as balanced scorecard, lean accounting, value-chain analysis, target costing, benchmarking, business process re-engineering, and sustainability, through conducting field research.