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Honors Holocaust & Modern Genocides

Honors Holocaust & Modern Genocides

Honors Holocaust & Modern GenocidesCRN: 14226 HIST B311-02H     TR 9:00-10:15AM LA 232

This course fulfills the Capstone (C.8) General Education requirement

Instructor: Dr. Ann Livschiz (History)

This course examines the phenomenon of mass murder and the concept of genocide in the 20th century. It starts with the examination of the first state-sponsored mass murder in the Ottoman Empire during World War I. It then examines systematic murder of Jews in Europe during the World War II, looking at such topics as modern anti-Semitism, racial politics, the relationship between mass murder and war, issues of collaboration and resistance, and exploring regional differences in implementation of genocidal policies. We will look at the process of trying to understand the Holocaust, the problem of memory and commemoration, and the political uses and abuses of the Holocaust. Finally, we will analyze post-World War II cases of genocidal violence around the world, looking at the impact of the creation of the term "genocide," the establishment of the Genocide Convention, and the role of the international community.