Honors Program

Honors History of Modern Drama

Honors History of Modern Drama (THTR 325)

Honors History of Modern DramaCRN: 13895 THTR32510-01H TR 1:30-2:45PM MCB127

This course fulfills the Interdisciplinary and Creative Ways of Knowing (B.7) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Jeffrey Casazza (Theater)

Students will explore a wide variety of theatrical styles developed since 1879 comprising modern drama including realism and the breaks from realism to discover their origins in society, culture and historical events and their effects on contemporary drama. Students will develop skills in script analysis and interpretation and apply them to various theatrical texts, recorded media and live production.

The overall theme is the society in which we live and how it influences theatre and how theatre influences (or can influence) society. Our overall culture is examined as is the various "time periods" between 1879 and today and why the theatre of those periods came into being and how/why some of the techniques used in those periods are still used today in our much more technologically advanced society.