Honors Program

Honors Chemistry and Art

Chemistry and Art Spring 2018

Honors Chemistry and Art

24141 CHM 12000-02H  |  T/R  |  1:30-2:45 PM  |  3.0 cr.

23213 CHM 12000-03    |  R    |  9:00–11:50 AM  | Lab 

This course fulfills the Scientific Ways of Knowing (B.4) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Michael Columbia (Chemistry)

This course is designed to introduce students majoring in fields outside the physical and life sciences to the basic principles of chemistry. These principles will be presented in the context of the materials used by visual artists to produce and preserve paintings, ceramics, metalworks, and photographs. Honors students will have the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology to probe the composition of artistic materials.