Honors Program


Honors Western Civilization to 1500Honors Western Civilization to 1500

24075 HIST H113-02H MWF 10:00 am - 10:50 am

This course fulfills the Humanistic and Artistic Ways
of Knowing (B.6) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Suzanne LaVere (History)

This course covers the formative period of Western civilization, spanning nearly 10,000 years from the introduction of agriculture in the Neolithic Age to the artistic and intellectual triumphs of the renaissance. In this course, we will examine many developments and the people who made them possible through lecture, reading, and discussion. Topics include the achievements and struggles of ancient civilizations such as the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, Europe’s “Dark Ages” (and why we should be careful using that term), the intellectual developments of the High Middle Ages, the growth of the Church, and the establishment of national monarchies. Overall, our shared goal is to investigate some of the big questions that this seemingly remote period of history provokes—why is it important to study ancient civilizations and medieval Europe? Can we see the origins of our own intellectual, social, religious, political, technological, and cultural traditions in the traditions of the past? How did Western civilization before 1500 shape our world today?