Honors Program

Honors Intro to Social Psychology

Honors Introduction to Social PsychologyHonors Introduction to Social Psychology

 22017 PSY 24000-02I W 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

(This is a hybrid section: students will be expected to watch
lectures on their own time and meet once a week with
the instructor for the discussion.)

This course fulfills the Social and Behavioural Ways of Knowing (B.5) General Education Requirement.

Instructor: Dr. Jay Jackson (Psychology)

This course is a general survey of social psychology, the scientific
study of how individuals think about, influence, and interact with
each other. The emphasis will be on formal theories and research
findings, but we will also address how social psychological principles
are applied to real world issues. Some of the topics covered in this
class include the self-concept, social perception, prejudice, attitudes,
persuasion, conformity, obedience, small group processes, close
relationships, aggression, and helping behavior.