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Federal Pell Grant

Who receives Federal Pell Grants?

This grant is awarded to students pursuing their first undergraduate degree. To be eligible for this award, the recipient must demonstrate exceptional financial need through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This award is a need-based award.

How much is a Federal Pell Grant?

The size of the award for 2016-2017 can range from $291 to $5,815, depending on the students Expected Family Contribution and the amount of credit hours taken.

Awards Amount Depends on the following factors:

  • The student's listed amount of credit hours after the first week of school will be taken to prorate the award. Being full-time, 3/4 time, half time, and less than half time will affect the portions of your grant awarded, waitlisted classes do not count. Being under full-time will cause the award to be prorated for that semester.
  • The student must be in a minimum of one credit hour per semester.
  • Student must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree.
  • The student can only receive up to 18 scheduled semesters of the award (this includes the summer semester for 3 semesters a year, making eligibility a six year limit).

How to Apply for a Federal Pell Grant?

The student will automatically be considered for the award by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Pell Grant for Summer

Pell Grant Awards are given to students at its maximum amount, if the student is enrolled full-time for two semesters.  If the student was not full-time both semesters after the first week, then the student will have the difference to use for summer.  An example would be if a student was taking 9 credit hours fall semester and 9 credit hours spring, then the student would be able to use the additional amount for summer.  This can only be carried over for the summer semester and not the next fall or spring semester.

Transfer Students

Awards will need to be adjusted for aid used at the student's previous institution. All aid will need to be cancelled at the previous institution for the IPFW Financial Aid Office to be able to award any left over Pell Grant Eligibility.