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Industry Partnerships

Areas Where We Can Help

Do you need technical expertise? It may be available at Purdue Fort Wayne. The Office of Engagement assists businesses interested in collaborative research and technical assistance projects with Purdue Fort Wayne faculty. We can connect you to faculty who can provide expertise to meet the needs of your business. 

With multiple contracting methods, your business can provide funding for faculty to work with you to solve problems and improve processes.  We also provide access to Purdue Fort Wayne equipment to assist your business with testing, material analysis, and other needs.

How to Get Started

If you have a need for technical assistance, data analysis, testing research, facility use, or other support, you can begin by contacting the Purdue Fort Wayne Office of Engagement.  We can then work with you to determine if Purdue Fort Wayne, or one of our partners, have the capabilities to support your request.   We will also help you with the contracting and other administrative tasks to make your project successful.


Sean Ryan

Director, Office of Engagement


Jean Eisaman

Project Manager, Office of Engagement