Services for Students with Disabilities

Course work is fully inclusive and selected based on career or degree goals.  All Bridges students are encouraged to participate in general education courses including English, Communication, Math and Wellness courses, knowledge in these areas will be a benefit in any career.  Most students who participate in Bridges take classes related to a career interest.  A typical career focused track includes two to three classes each semester with internships beginning the second semester to prepare the student for employment.  Students who are working toward a degree follow guidelines and requirements set by the department of their major.  All Bridges students are supported by meeting with program staff to monitor class progress and by their Peer Mentor.  Additional supports are available through Services for Students with Disabilities, the Writing Center, and Bridges students have extended tutoring time in CASA.

During their first semester students participate in two specific courses.  Transition to Academics focuses on self-advocacy, communication skills, and technology skills including assistive technology.  Career and Personal Development focuses on professional development, independent living, and health and wellness.  These courses help to prepare students for their university experience and employment. 

Career focused students are also encouraged to participate in Introduction to Food Selection and Preparation.  In this course students will learn proper food handling and storage techniques, food preparation skills, and take the examination for ServSafe® Certification.  This certificate is necessary for all staff in most restaurant and professional catering establishments.  For those who find this career focus is not a good fit, the skills gained in this course will be useful for building independence.

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Students in the Introduction to Food Selection and Preparation course participate in residency hours in the student-run restaurant at the Holiday Inn on PFW's campus.

Students are enrolled in PFW's catalogue courses.  Students are expected to turn in all assignments done to the best of their ability, with the understanding that they may not be able to meet the same expectations as other students.  Courses may be audited to enable the student to maintain program participation.  

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