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SafeZone Certification for Staff and Faculty


SafeZone is a comprehensive allyship and advocacy training program developed especially for faculty and staff at Purdue Fort Wayne and IU Fort Wayne. Workshops are organized into two parts: 

Part One - Covers the basics of identity, LGBTQ+ issues, and inclusive language

Part Two - Covers privilege and oppression, local/state/national laws and policies, and advocacy and ally skills

Individuals must attend BOTH sessions and complete the post-test to be Safe Zone Certified.

Fall 2023:



Sept. 6th & 13th, 2-4pm

Sept. 15th & 22nd, 1-3pm



Oct. 16th & 17th, 2-4pm

Oct. 20th & 27th, 1-3pm



Nov. 8th & 15th, 2-4pm

Nov 10th & 17th, 1-3pm



Dec. 1st & 8th, 1-3pm

Spring 2024:


Jan 10th & 17th, 2-4pm

Jan. 19th & 26th, 1-3pm


Feb. 7th & 14th, 2-4pm

Feb. 16th & 23rd, 1-3pm


Mar. 13th & 20th, 2-4pm

Mar. 22nd & 29th, 1-3pm


Apr. 3rd & 10th, 2-4pm

Apr. 12th & 19th, 1-3pm

Individuals who complete SafeZone certification will be eligible to receive advanced training to become Safe Zone facilitators themselves.

We recommend that SafeZone certifications be renewed every 3 years to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date with current best practices. Note: If you received SafeZone Certification prior to Spring 2020, you are strongly encouraged to re-certify, as the training has changed significantly since.

  • Certified Individuals - By Name

    Certified Individuals - By Name

    The following individuals have completed the training and assessments required to be SafeZone Certified*:

    Hanan Alyami - Visiting Lecturer - Mathematics Education

    Alex Backer - Director - Student Government

    Thera Bailey - Web & Data Specialist - Continuing Studies

    Kristin Barker - Clinic Assistant Professor - Human Services

    Will Beamon - Production Manager - Helmke Library

    Cicelle Beemon - Program Coordinator - The Women's Center

    Tony Belton - Director of Marketing - Continuing Studies

    Juliana Bengs - Financial Aid Support Specialist - Financial Aid

    Alexis Bennett - Financial Aid Counselor - Financial Aid

    Kathy Berghoff - Administrative Assistant - Economics

    Betsy Berry - Associate Professor - Mathematical Sciences

    Jenna Biggins - Environmental Health & Safety Specialist - Radiological and Environmental Management

    Abbey Blackmon - Director - Student Conduct & Care

    Staci Bougher - Limited Term Lecturer - Political Science

    Chadi Braish - Director of MBA Program - Doermer School of Business

    Nick Brand - Well-being and Recreation Coordinator - Well-being & Recreation

    Kelley Brenneman - Assistant Director - Helmke Library

    Mark Burks - Investigator & Accessibility Advisor - Human Resources & Institutional Equity

    Jason Burr - Head Coach, Women's Soccer - Athletics

    Shellie Campbell - Administrative Assistant - Student Conduct & Care

    Karin Casazza - Academic Advisor - Student Success Center, Doermer School of Business

    James Cashdollar - Associate Director, Online & Credit Programs - Continuing Studies

    Donna Chambers - Administrative Clerk - Financial Aid

    Jeong Il Cho - Associate Professor - Counseling & Graduate Education

    Sunila Chowdhry - Director - TRIO Upward Bound

    Jamie Cline - Administrative Assistant - Chemistry

    Steven Cody - Associate Professor - Art History

    Matthew Perkins Coppola - Associate Professor - Science Education

    Lynette Coughlin - Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor - Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

    Ashley Crill - Account Clerk - College of Liberal Arts

    Tamara Cummins - Coordinator - Alumni Relations

    Seula Daily - Academic Advisor - Student Success Center, Doermer School of Business

    Rachel Dirig - Lead Academic Advisor - IUFW

    Brooke Dove - Asst. Director - TRIO Upward Bound

    Jacob Eck - Asst. Director - Student Life

    David Egolf - Administrative Assistant - Disability Access Center

    Brianna England - Limited Term Lecturer - School of Music

    Penelope Epple - Administrative Assistant - School of Polytechnic

    Mindy Esparza - Administrative Assistant - Student Success Center, School of Education

    Rebecca Essig - Assistant Professor - Civil & Mechanical Engineering

    Kerrie Fineran - Interim Associate Vice Chancellor - Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

    Cindy Firestine - Administrative Assistant - TRIO Student Support Services

    Jamie Fleming - Assistant Director - Study Abroad

    Michael Flory - Analytics & Planning Director - School of Education

    Monica Fox - Intern for Student Organizations - Student Life

    Graham Fredrick - Library Systems Specialist - Helmke Library

    Claudio Freitas - Assistant Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Ronald Friedman - Dean - College of Science

    Kris Frye - Director - Writing Center

    Jake Furge - Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

    Eileen Garwood - Clinical Instructor - Music Therapy

    Joel Givens - Assistant Professor - Counselor Education

    Hayley Goltare - Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

    Kerri Gouty - Assistant Director - International Education

    Judy Graf - Monographic Acquisitions Specialist - Helmke Library

    Kimberly Grannen (Wagner) - Chief of Staff & Community Relations Officer - Office of the Chancellor

    Emily Arata Grillo - Assistant to the Dean for Community Engagement - College of Visual & Performing Arts

    Deb Haley - Billing Specialist - Helmke Library

    Marteze Hammonds - Chief Diversity Officer - Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Tracey Hanton - Assistant Director - Career Development Center

    Jayla Heller - Executive Assistant to the CDO - Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

    Jeffrey Hepker - Clinical Assistant Professor - Music

    Ron Herrell - Director - Financial Aid

    Teri Hogg - Clinical Assistant Professor - Teacher Education

    Rachel Holycross - Associate Athletic Director for Compliance - Athletics

    La Tisha Horrell - Director - General Studies

    Paul Houser - Building Services Supervisor - Facilities Management

    Holly Hullinger-Sirken - Director - Tutoring Center

    Brittany Igusky - Project Manager - Continuing Studies

    Heather Kintz - Affiliate Clinical Education Specialist - Nursing

    Peter Klopfenstein - Limited Term Lecturer - Mathematics

    Shawyna Koorsen - Administrative Assistant, Senior - College of ETCS

    Colleen Krohn - Administrative Assistant - Biological Sciences

    Melissa Kurten - Director of Training Outreach - Continuing Studies

    Melissa Lawson - Account Clerk - Business Office for Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

    Ketah Ledford - Graphic Designer - Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion/Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

    Cheu-jey Lee - Professor - Teacher Education

    Tara Lewis - Associate Registrar - Office of the Registrar

    Maureen Linvill - Assistant Director - International Education

    Yanfei Liu - Assoc. Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Karen Louis - Assistant Director - Financial Aid

    Gail Lugo - Administrative Assistant - Student Life

    Marie Macher - Access Consultant - Disability Access Center

    Jeff Malanson - Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives - Chancellor's Office

    Eric Manor - Director - Well-being & Recreation

    Shelby Mansfield - International Services Coordinator - International Education

    Christine Marcuccilli - Associate Director of Compliance & Title IX Coordinator - Human Resources & Institutional Equity

    Margaret Martens - Program Assistant - Continuing Studies

    Ryan McCombs - Director - Disability Access Center

    Kevin McMahon - Visiting Asst. Professor - School of Music

    Onie Mensch - Administrative Assistant - Communication Science & Disorders

    Rhonda Meriwether - Director - Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

    Ryan Meriwether - Assistant Director - Undergraduate Admissions

    Meghan Mier - Assistant Director - Disability Access Center

    Elizabeth Miller - HR Coordinator - Human Resources

    Sydney Miracle - Academic Advisor - Communication Science & Disorders

    Atefah Mohammadpour - Assoc. Professor - Civil & Mechanical Engineering

    Melody Monday - Career Counselor - Career Development Center

    Melissa Montes - Academic Advisor - Doermer School of Business

    Dawn Moore - Director of Online & Credit Programs - Continuing Studies

    Angela Morren - Business Analyst - Undergraduate Admissions

    Karen Morthorst - Administrative Assistant - Biological Sciences

    Don Mueller - Associate Professor - Civil & Mechanical Engineering

    Allison Murray - Enrollment Services Counselor - Student Advising & Advocacy Center

    Alexis Murrell - Information Services & Instruction Librarian - Helmke Library

    Brian Mylrea - Director - International Education

    Joe Nichols - Professor - Educational Studies

    Emily Noye - Program Assistant - Continuing Studies

    Isabel Nunez - Director - School of Education

    Joe Ohlinger - Assistant Professor - Teacher Education

    Carolyn Pang - Graduate Intern - Student Leadership

    Sharon Parnin - Clinical Assistant Professor - Teacher Education

    Stephanie Patrick - Financial Aid Counselor - Financial Aid

    Jeanne Pendleton - Clinical Asst. Professor - Theatre

    Ryan Perrotte - Head Coach, Men's Volleyball - Athletics

    Demetria Pettie - Asst. Director - TRIO Student Support Services

    Stephanie Phillips - Environmental Health & Safety Manager - Radiological and Environmental Management

    Jessica Poehler - Clinical Assistant Professor - Human Services

    Jodie Powell - Administrative Assistant - General Studies

    Sylvia Ragsdale - Student Financial Services Assistant - Financial Aid

    Aubree Reid - Web & Data Research Specialist - Continuing Studies

    Anna Riggins - Clinic Manager - PFW Community Counseling Center

    Sable Robinson - Academic Specialist - TRIO Upward Bound

    Luke Rodesiler - Asst. Professor - Educational Studies

    Juliana Russell - Academic Advisor - Integrated Studies

    Shibely Saha - Visiting Asst. Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Brooke Sellhorn - Clinic Director - Counseling & Graduate Education

    Glenna Sharpe - Administrative Assistant - Organizational Leadership

    Michelle Shaw - Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship - Development

    Wylie Sirk - Program Director - Educational Leadership

    Stephanie Smith - Academic Advisor - TRIO Student Support Services

    Julia Smith - Clinical Assistant Professor - Teacher Education

    Jackie Stancil - Executive Director - Career Development Center

    Gary Steffen - Director - School of Polytechnic

    James Stover - Assistant Professor - Theatre

    Hamilton Tescarollo - Director of Keyboard Studies - School of Music

    Sara Thomas - Assistant Director - Integrated Studies

    Kirk Tolliver - Associate Director for Payroll - Human Resources

    Troy Tonner - Assistant Professor - School of Polytechnic

    Erin Turner - Environmental Health & Safety Specialist - Radiological & Environmental Management

    Sara Underwood - Academic Specialist - TRIO Upward Bound

    Karen Vangorder - Director - Continuing Studies

    James Velez - Director - Student Life

    Sarah Wagner - Assistant Librarian - Helmke Library

    Griffin Waltmire - Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

    Guoping Wang - Assoc. Professor - Electrical & Computer Engineering

    Abbey Wang - Coordinator - Student Leadership & SGA

    Alix Watson - Producer - Center for Collaborative Media

    Sharon L. Wight - Director - Student Success Center (School of Education)

    Brett Wilkinson - Associate Professor - Counseling & Graduate Education

    Bryant Williams - Academic Specialist - TRIO Student Support Services

    Noah Williams - Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

    David Wilson - Assistant Director - Financial Aid

    Ryan Wooley - Interim Associate Vice Chancellor - Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

    Nash Younis - Professor - Civil & Mechanical Engineering

    Jeremy Zahs - Admissions Counselor - Undergraduate Admissions

    Laura Zeigler - Assistant Director - Financial Aid

    *Anyone who completed SafeZone prior to Spring 2019 will not be listed here and should register to renew their certification.

  • Certified Individuals - By Department

    Certified Individuals - By Department

    Office of the Chancellor

    • Kimberly Grannan, Chief of Staff & Community Relations Officer
    • Jeffrey Malanson, Special Assistant to the Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives & Associate Professor of History

    Academic Affairs


    Center for Collaborative Media

    • Alix Watson, Producer
    • Will Beamon, Production Manager

    Continuing Studies

    • Karen VanGorder, Director
    • Dawn Moore, Director of Online & Credit Programs
    • James Cashdollar, Associate Director of Online & Credit Programs
    • Melissa Kurten, Director of Training Outreach
    • Tony Belton, Director of Marketing
    • Brittany Igusky, Project Manager
    • Thera Bailey, Web & Data Specialist
    • Aubree Reid, Web & Data Specialist
    • Juliana Russell, Academic Advisor
    • Margret Martens, Program Assistant
    • Emily Noye, Program Assistant

    Graduate Studies

    General Studies

    • LaTisha Horrell, Director
    • Sara Thomas, Assistant Director
    • Jodie Powell, Administrative Assistant

    Helmke Library

    • Kris Frye, Director of Writing Center & Library Services
    • Kelley Brenneman, Assistant Director - Support Desk
    • Alexis Murrell, Information Services & Instruction Librarian
    • Sarah Wagner, Assistant Librarian
    • Graham Fredrick, Library Systems Specialist
    • Judy Graf, Monographic Acquisitions Specialist
    • Deb Haley, Billing Specialist

    Institutional Research


    • Tara Lewis, Associate Registrar

    Student Advising & Advocacy Center

    • Nicole Welsh, Advisor
    • Allison Murray, Enrollment Services Counselor


      • Holly Hullinger-Sirken, Director

      Sponsored Programs

      Study Abroad

      University Research & Innovation

        College of Liberal Arts


        • Ashley Crill, Account Clerk, Business Office

        Anthropology & Sociology


        • Emily Vian, Graduate Teaching Assistant

        Criminal Justice &Public Administration

        English & Linguistics

        • Lindsey Greene, Administrative Assistant


        • Jeffrey Malanson, Professor

        International Language & Culture Studies

        Political Science

        • Staci Bougher, Limited Term Lecturer, Political Science

        Women's Studies

        College of Science


        • Ron Friedman, Dean of the College of Science

        Biological Sciences

        • Karen Morthorst, Administrative Assistant Senior

        Chemistry & Biochemistry

        • Jamie Cline, Administrative Assistant

        Communication Sciences & Disorders

        • Onie Mensch, Administrative Assistant
        • Sydney Miracle, Academic Advisors

        Mathematical Sciences

        • Betsy Berry, Associate Professor
        • Peter Klopfenstein, Limited Term Lecturer



        • Sara Simpson, Administrative Assistant

        Doermer School of Business


        Student Success Center

        • Sharon L. Wight, Director
        • Karin Casazza, Academic Advisor
        • Seula Daily, Academic Advisor
        • Melissa Montes, Academic Advisor


        Economics & Finance

        • Kathy Berghoff, Administrative Assistant

        Hospitality & Tourism Management

        Management & Marketing

        Master of Business Administration

        • Chadi Braish, Director

        Engineering, Technology, & Computer Science


        • Gary Steffen, Interim Dean
        • Shawnya Koorsen, Administrative Assistant Senior

        Student Success Center

        Civil & Mechanical Engineering

        • Jessica Rouleau, Administrative Assistant
        • Nash Younis, Professor
        • Rebecca Essig, Assistant Professor
        • Atefah Mohammadpour, Associate Professor
        • Don Mueller, Associate Professor

        Computer Science

        Electrical & Computer Engineering

        Organizational Leadership

        • Glenna Sharpe, Administrative Assistant

        School of Polytechnic

        • Penelope Epple, Administrative Assistant
        • Troy Tonner, Assistant Professor

        School of Education


        • Isabel Nunez, Dean of the School of Education
        • Michael Flory, Analytics & Planning Director

        Student Success Center

        • Mindy Esparza, Administrative Assistant

        Counseling & Graduate Education

        • Kerrie Fineran, Chair
        • Brooke Sellhorn, Clinic Director
        • Joel Givens, Assistant Professor
        • Jeong Il Cho, Associate Professor
        • Brett Wilkinson, Associate Professor
        • Anna Riggins, Community Counseling Center Clinic Manager

        Human Services

        • Kristin Barker, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Jessica Poehler, Clinical Assistant Professor

        Teacher Education

        • Joe Nichols, Professor
        • Cheu-jey Lee, Professor
        • Hanah Alyami, Assistant Professor
        • Joe Ohlinger, Assistant Professor
        • Luke Rodesiler, Assistant Professor
        • Teri Hogg, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Sharon Parnin, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Julia Smith, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Matthew Coppola, Associate Professor

        Visual & Performing Arts


        • Emily Arata Grillo, Assistant to the Dean for Community Engagement

        Art & Design

        • Steven Cody, Associate Professor of Art History

        School of Music

        • Hamilton Tescarollo, Director of Keyboard Studies
        • Jeffrey Hepker, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Casey Collins, Clinical Assistant Professor
        • Eileen Garwood, Clinical Instructor
        • Brianna England, Limited Term Lecturer
        • Kevin McMahon, Visiting Assistant Professor


        • James Stover, Assistant Professor
        • Jeanne Pendleton, Clinical Assistant Professor

          Enrollment Management & the Student Experience

          Administration & Business Office

          • Kerrie Fineran, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
          • Ryan Wooley, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
          • Lynette Coughlin, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor
          • Melissa Lawson, Account Clerk

          Career Development Center

          • Jackie Stancil, Executive Director
          • Tracey Hanton, Assistant Director for Career Development
          • Carrie Spencer, Assistant to the Executive Director
          • Melody Monday, Career Counselor
          • Tom Utnage, Career Counselor

          Conduct & Care

          • Abby Blackmon, Director
          • Shellie Campbell, Administrative Assistant

          Disability Access Center

          • Ryan McCombs, Director
          • Maeghan Mier, Assistant Director
          • David Egolf, Executive Assistant
          • Marie Macher, Access Consultant

          Financial Aid

          • Ron Herrell, Director
          • Karen Louis, Assistant Director
          • David Wilson, Assistant Director
          • Laura Zeigler, Assistant Director
          • Alexis Bennett, Financial Aid Counselor
          • Stephanie Patrick, Financial Aid Counselor
          • Sylvia Ragsdale, Financial Services Assistant
          • Juliana Bengs, Support Specialist
          • Donna Chamber, Administrative Clerk
          • Kari Sherman, Data Processor

          International Education

          • Bryan Mylrea, Director
          • Kerri Gouty, Assistant Director
          • Maureen Linvill, Assistant Director
          • Shelby Mansfield, International Services Coordinator

          Student Leadership

          • Alex Backer, Director
          • Abbey Wang, Student Government Coordinator
          • Carolyn Pang, Graduate Intern

          Student Life

          • James Velez, Director
          • Gail Lugo, Executive Assistant
          • Jacob Eck, Assistant Director
          • Monica Fox, Graduate Intern

          Undergraduate Admissions

          • Ryan Wooley, Director
          • Ryan Meriwether, Assistant Director
          • Jake Furge, Admissions Counselor
          • Hayley Goltare, Admissions Counselor
          • Griffin Waltmire, Admissions Counselor
          • Noah Williams, Admissions Counselor
          • Jeremy Zahs, Admissions Counselor
          • Angela Morren, Business Analyst


          • Eric Manor, Director
          • Nick Brand, Coordinator

          Development & Alumni Engagement

          Alumni Relations

          • Tamara Cummins, Coordinator


          • Michelle Shaw, Director of Annual Giving & Stewardship

          Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


          • MarTeze Hammonds, Chief Diversity Officer
          • Jayla Heller, Executive Assistant

          Multicultural Center

          • Rhonda Meriwether, Director

          TRIO Student Support Services

          • Cindy Firestine, Administrative Assistant
          • Demetria Pettie, Assistant Director
          • Stephanie Smith, Academic Advisor
          • Bryant Williams, Academic Specialist

          TRIO Upward Bound

          • Sunila Chowdhry, Director
          • Sable Eldridge, Assistant Director

          Women's Center

          • Cicelle Beemon, Program Assistant

          Financial & Administrative Affairs


          • Rachel Holycross, Associate Athletic Director for Compliance
          • Jason Burr, Head Coach - Women's Soccer
          • Ryan Perrotte, Head Coach - Men's Volleyball

          Facilities Management

          • Paul Houser, Building Services Supervisor

          Human Resources & Institutional Equity

          • Christine Marcucculli, Associate Director of Compliance & Title IX Coordinator
          • Kirk Tolliver, Associate Director for Payroll
          • Mark Burks, Investigator & Accessibility Advisor
          • Elizabeth Miller, HR Coordinator

          Informational Technology Services

          Radiological & Environmental Management

          • Stephanie Phillips, Manager
          • Jenna Biggins, Health & Safety Specialist
          • Erin Turner, Health & Safety Specialist

          Special Events

          University Police

          Marketing & Communications

          IU-Fort Wayne

          • Rachel Dirig, Lead Academic Advisor
          • Heather Kintz, Affiliate Clinical Education Specialist
        • SafeZone Departments

          SafeZone Departments

          Departments can earn SafeZone designation by completing the following requirements:

          • For Academic departments: 100% of tenured, tenure-track, and adjunct faculty for the department must complete SafeZone training parts 1 and 2. Limited term and visiting lecturers do not count against this designation.
          • For all other departments: 100% of full-time, professional staff must complete SafeZone training parts 1 and 2. Part time and student employees do not count against this designation.

          SafeZone Certified Departments:

          Career Development Center

          Continuing Studies

          Disability Access Center

          Financial Aid

          Multicultural Center

          Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

          Office of International Education

          Radiological & Environmental Management

          Student Life

          Student Leadership

          TRIO Student Support Services

          TRIO Upward Bound

          Undergraduate Admissions

          Well-being & Recreation

          Women's Center

        SafeZone for Your Department

        We offer specialized SafeZone trainings for departments, which allows faculty and staff to learn alongside their colleagues and focus on the skills and information most relevant to their work.


        Email Us