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SafeZone for Faculty and Staff


SafeZone is a comprehensive allyship and advocacy training program developed especially for faculty and staff. Workshops are organized into three trainings: 

  1. Beginner - Covers the basics of gender, sex, sexual orientation, and language
  2. Intermediate - Deeper dive focusing on putting knowledge to work as an ally and explores larger concepts of heteronormativity and cisnormativity.
  3. Advanced - Allows for participants to become Safe Zone certified trainers.

Individuals must complete the Beginner and Intermediate Safe Zone workshops AND the post-test for each to be Safe Zone Certified.

Individuals who complete all three workshops will receive Advanced Certification and be eligible to receive training to become Safe Zone facilitators themselves.

Sign up for Safe Zone by following this link

Important note: If you received SafeZone Certification prior to Fall 2019, the certification has changed significantly and you are strongly encouraged to re-certify under the new program.


We also offer SafeZone Roundtable Discussions, which are one-hour, semi-structured sessions where participants will have the opportunity to discuss specific topics around LGBTQIA+ issues in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere.

SafeZone for Your Department

We offer specialized SafeZone trainings for departments, which allows faculty and staff to learn alongside their colleagues and focus on the skills and information most relevant to their works.


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