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"Being First" is here to help First Generation college students conquer the challenges of being the first members of their family to go to a four-year college, and help plant the seeds for a rich, rewarding college experience.

          What is a First Generation Student?

A First Generation student is defined as one whose parents did not complete four-year college degrees. 

First Generation students make up just over half of IPFW's student body, but they often face unusual challenges when they start college: They're confused by the financial aid system, and unfamiliar with the services and resources available to them on campus. They frequently feel intimidated in class, afraid to ask questions, and talk to their professors. They often receive little support from family and friends for their college dreams, and sometimes struggle to make friends on campus. First Generation students also somtimes suffer from "Imposter Syndrome," and feel like they don't belong in college, even though they met the same admission requirements as everyone else.

If this describes you, "Being First" can help you conquer those challenges! You'll also have an opportunity to meet other First Generation students who are also trying to figure out the college scene.