Athletic Compliance


The P.A.S.S. (Promoting Academic Success for Student-Athletes) program is designed to aid new student-athletes at IPFW make the transition from their previous school  to IPFW and also to help student-athletes deemed at-risk due to GPA below 2.5 improve their academic performance.

The program consists of three components.

Freshman Success for student-athletes course

  • Freshman Success for student-athletes course offered during the Fall term only and only for Freshmen.  The course lasts for the entire term and incorporates issues student-athletes face as well as the IPFW Baccalaureate Framework and the Six Degrees of Connection.

Mandatory bi-monthly appointments

  • Mandatory bi-monthly appointments with their respective athletic advisor with a signed contract stating academic/GPA goals for the term. Intrusive Advising is an intervention program designed to aid new student-athletes in making the transition to college. It is also required of all student-athletes with less than 2.5 term GPA. Student-athletes are required to meet with their assigned athletic advisor during the first week of the semester to set up ongoing appointments for the duration of the semester. Student-athletes are released from Intrusive Advising the next semester that their GPA is above 2.5. During these appointments issues within the classroom, study habits, and concerns will be addressed.  For upper level student-athletes, appointments will be geared toward career focus and resume building in addition to classroom issues.

Mandatory study table attendance

  • Mandatory study table attendance as articulated in the MAP Center Study Table policy.  Monitors will be utilizing student-athletes’ weekly assignment worksheets to insure that student-athletes will be spending their study table hours productively.  Weekly reports will be sent to the coaches as well as the Athletic Director.  An end-of-semester report will also be generated for assessment by the Chancellor for Student Affairs.

    While we currently offer no transition class for transfer students, the MAP Center is looking into the feasibility of creating/offering such a course.