Current Students

Fall/Spring Semester Visits

Co-op Visit

The co-op course has two major academic requirements to receive a passing grade in the course - the end-of semester reports/evaluations and the semester co-op visit.

Below are detailed instructions about how to schedule and what to expect from your semester visit.

Typically, these visits occur during the fall and spring semesters with some exceptions.

Visit Scheduling

  • The co-op student and his/her supervisor will both need to be present to discuss the student's performance and experience. Students will need to keep their supervisors informed about when the visit is going to occur and what to expect from it.
  • The Cooperative Education program will provide poll link for the student to select meeting times that work for all parties.
  • After the student has completed the poll, the co-op program will confirm a time with the student, as soon as most students give their desired times.

What to expect 

  • The co-op meeting will last approximately 30-45 minutes. Students in their first semester of placement typically have longer visits. 
  • Half of the visit will be spent with the student alone and half of the time will be spent with the supervisor alone to allow each party to candidly discuss the co-op experience.
  • During the student portion of the meeting, the co-op student is to prepare a brief presentation of what he/she does on regular basis. This can be in the form of a brief PowerPoint, a list of what was accomplished, or a work sample display for the Purdue Fort Wayne team to view. The student must be prepared to answer any questions and share any concerns about the co-op experience.