Office of the Chancellor

Past Messages

Statement on Civility, Diversity and Inclusion

Vicky Carwein, August 24, 2017

As we begin a new academic year and welcome many new faces to campus, whether student, faculty or staff, the university administration wants to reaffirm our unequivocal commitment to the health, safety and security of all members of our campus community regardless of ideology, race, sexual identity, gender, or immigration status. We support free speech and rigorous debate and believe that controversial issues and viewpoints should be debated and discussed in a respectful manner throughout our campus community. The shared values of inclusion, belonging and respect are the hallmarks of higher education and we publicly and enthusiastically promote the university’s Statements on Civility, Diversity, and Integrity (

As such, we must vigilantly guard against the evils of racism, sexism, and the marginalization of others. We purposely and deliberately provide a safe and inclusive environment to support learning, discovery, and individual exploration to develop personally and professionally. We hold these statements and ideals as essential to the goals and spirit of our university and denounce any behaviors to the contrary. Now more than ever, we must strive to understand one another and provide a space that supports individual expression. 

We treasure the marketplace of ideas embedded throughout the campus community, regardless of personal positions, and believe we are stronger as a collective and are committed to providing the best educational opportunity for all. We will continue to demonstrate our successes well into the future and hope that you truly appreciate both the privilege and responsibility of being a member of the IPFW community.

Vicky L. Carwein, Chancellor

Carl Drummond, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Enrollment Management

Angie Fincannon, Vice Chancellor for Advancement

Eric Norman, Chief Student Affairs Officer and Dean of Students

David Wesse, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs