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Past Messages

Legislative Study Committee

Vicky Carwein, July 23, 2013

Dear Campus Community,

On August 1, a regional campuses legislative study committee, established by Senate Bill 98 in the most recent legislative session, will hold its first meeting on our campus. I want to take this opportunity to share information with you about the committee's purpose and our expectations of the process.

The Committee will:

  1. Study the governance and operation of regional campuses; and
  2. Perform an analysis of the Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne campus, focusing on the campus's management, growth, needs, and future plans. 

The report of the results of the study and recommendations are to be completed by Nov. 30, 2013.

The study committee is co-chaired by legislators Sen. Dennis Kruse and Rep. Robert Behning. The remaining legislative committee members are Sen. James Banks, Sen. John Broden, Sen. Frank Mrvan, Rep. Suzanne Crouch, Rep. Phil GiaQuinta, and Rep. Matt Pierce. A full list of committee members can be found at the Study Committee's website. In addition, two representatives of ICHE, two representatives each appointed by the Presidents of Indiana University and Purdue University and one representative from each of the eight regional campuses, will serve as ex-officio members. The legislators are voting members of the committee; all others are nonvoting.

Steve Sarratore, associate vice chancellor for academic affairs, will be our campus representative to the committee.

The legislation requires that the first and last committee meetings be held at IPFW. The August 1 meeting is open to the public and will begin at 1 p.m. in the Alumni Center. It is anticipated that three or four meetings will be held in total.

IPFW is among the largest public universities in the state, with nearly 14,000 students this year. We look forward to participating in this study, providing and offering information as the work of the committee progresses and influencing the final recommendations toward the best interests of IPFW and all our regional campuses. A number of faculty leaders, deans, and leadership groups on campus will be involved in developing relevant information to be provided to the committee. Look for regular communications as the work of the committee gets underway.