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CSSAC Members and Officers

Vicky Carwein, March 28, 2017

Officers of the Clerical and Service Staff Advisory Committee (CSSAC) are seeking applicants to serve as regular members of the committee whose role is to work with university administrators to help improve employment conditions at IPFW. I write to encourage members of the clerical and service staff to submit application to serve on the Committee. As a result of the retirement of many members last year, the number of representatives on the Committee has declined. Individuals willing to serve are being recruited. This committee serves as an important resource to me and other campus leaders when considering policy changes, implementing new programs, and in advocating on behalf of clerical and service staff classified employees.

CSSAC is in place to provide members of the clerical and service staff with a means of representative participation through suggestion and advice in the formulation or change of policies affecting conditions of employment. CSSAC also provides an effective means of communication between the clerical and service staff and the university administration. CSSAC has a responsibility to act in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to Human Resources, which has the assigned responsibility for planning and recommending policies concerning personnel and staff benefits. For more information about CSSAC, visit the website:

The estimated time commitment is three hours a month. Members may also be assigned to various CSSAC committees, university committees, and Chancellor’s committees, adding additional time but members are in pay status when conducting CSSAC related business.  

Some of the major accomplishments of CSSAC:

  • Co-sponsored Health Benefits Forum
  • Created CSSAC educational grants for clerical and service employees
  • Created CSSAC grants and scholarships for IPFW students who are dependents of clerical and service staff and retirees.
  • Helped establish fee remission for student children of part-time staff
  • Extended group medical and life insurance coverage for employees who retire early
  • Established the two-tier premium structure for medical insurance
  • Removed the 1,000 hour cap on sick leave conversion upon retirement
  • Created The Bridge suggestion system
  • Established a personal holiday

If you are interested in becoming a CSSAC committee member, please contact Josh Bacon at 481-6019 or

I strongly encourage eligible members of the campus community to join the group and make your voice heard!

Vicky L. Carwein