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Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

Using Classroom Assessment Techniques

Prepared by the CELT Teaching Fellows

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Improving College Grading, IDEA Paper 19 (PDF) is available from the Kansas State "IDEA" Web site, or visit the CELT Library in Kettler Hall, room 234, where you may read a hard copy version.

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Rubistar, is a free rubric creation tool for "Project-Based Learning Activities" in a variety of subjects, including Art and Math. It's a good tool to get you started. You can customize any aspect of your rubric, too.

The Trouble with Rubrics shows how to calculate rubric points for accurate grading of writing.

Sample Rubrics for Multimedia Assignments (PDF) were prepared by Ann Wysocki, Michigan Technical University, Fall 2006 keynote speaker. these assignments include brochure creation, responding to a comic on a social issue, a research documentary photo book, review of editorials, an online research project, an oral presentation, and argumentative poster, a research paper, a rhetorical analysis, instruction writing assignment, and a response to a public service announcement. There is also a page of descriptions of the characteristics of polished writing.

Holistic Critical Thinking Scoring Rubric (PDF) offers a simplified critical thinking rubric along with instructions for its use in grading writing assignments by Peter and Noreen Facione and published by the California Academic Press.

The Washington State University (WSU) Critical Thinking Project Resource Guide provides a rubric for critical thinking which faculty from a variety of disciplines from History to Physics adapted. 

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Test Construction

Test construction resources can be found at the Kansas State "IDEA: web site, or visit the CELT Library in Kettler Hall, room 234, where you may read hard copy versions of these papers.

Improving Multiple Choice Tests, IDEA Paper 16 (PDF)
Improving Essay Tests, IDEA Paper 17 (PDF)
Matching Instructional Objectives, Subject Matter, Tests, and Score Interpretation, IDEA Paper 18 (PDF)

Evaluating Your Assessment Instrument Prepared by the CELT Teaching Fellows

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