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A Message from the Purdue Fort Wayne Learning Management System Academic Review Team:

Following are some reminders and updates on the LMS review and how it is progressing. As has been communicated, our campus had tremendous participation from faculty, staff, and students in our listening sessions this Fall and on the survey that was available. Thank you. Based on that input, our Purdue Fort Wayne Academic Team (comprised of ten faculty and staff representing all colleges, the Library, and DCS) developed nine academic “use cases” that represent various needs that faculty across campus have from an LMS. Those nine cases were shared with the Purdue system-wide Academic Team. They were well received. Two were modified and combined with use cases from other campuses and seven of the nine were accepted with minor or no modifications. In sum, while there will be further edits as others at the system level work to combine the academic needs, the technical needs, and other considerations, as we stand now, the needs that came out of Purdue Fort Wayne’s listening sessions and survey are arguably well represented.

As a reminder, by this summer, the final decisions of which LMS will be chosen will be made by a system-wide LMS Executive Steering Committee. The role of the campus and system Academic and Technical Teams is to provide input to that Steering Committee. Following is a broad timeline:

  • Through January, at the system level, a team will put together a request for proposals and invite and accept proposals from various vendors/LMS providers.
  • Through February, representatives from each campus’ academic and technical teams will evaluate proposals and narrow down to two or three vendors to invite to campus
  • In March, those vendors will come to the brick and mortar campuses and give presentations of their proposals. The presentations will be open to faculty, staff, and students. Feedback will be sought from faculty, staff, and students.
  • Based on this feedback, in April and May, the Academic and Technology teams will deliver a summary report to the Executive Steering committee.
  • In the Summer, the Executive Steering Committee will make its selection of one LMS. 
    • Note: Negotiations, pricing, contracts, etc. will be completed at the system level. A process is already in place for this. What has been communicated since the start of the LMS review is that if a particular campus believes that the selected LMS will not meet the specific needs of its faculty, staff, and students, that campus will have the option to select and develop agreements with a different LMS. A process is not already in place for this. So, it is important that we continue to provide input for what will best meet our campus’ needs.
  • In the Fall, an implementation plan will be developed and put in place. Courses will at least begin to be transferred from Blackboard Learn to the new LMS.
  • We expect to be on a new LMS sometime between January 2020 and August 2020. No hard date is yet set. Keep in mind, all campuses will have to choose a new LMS because Blackboard will no longer continue to support Learn (our current version).

All this being said, the Purdue Fort Wayne Academic Team will continue to solicit your input. It is important that our voices continue to be heard. Following are links to 30-day/free trials (which you have to register for) for three of the big LMS providers. Please consider taking some time to check them out. Once we return from break, the Purdue Fort Wayne Academic Team will follow up again and invite you to complete another survey about your LMS needs. This will eventually help us to develop a rubric that we can use at the campus level to assess our LMS needs.

If you find a resource that you think would be useful to Purdue University Fort Wayne faculty, please email CELT


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