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If you or your students experience technical issues with accessing the adopted publisher materials, Purdue University Fort Wayne is able to provide first level support through our ITS Help Desk. In 99% of cases, our Help Desk is able to resolve access issues by walking students or faculty through some basic trouble-shooting steps.

If for some reason the issue cannot be resolved by our Help Desk, a support ticket will be opened and assigned to the Blackboard Support Team who, if needed can escalate the issue to the publisher.

ITS Help Desk can be contacted in person by going to Kettler Hall, room 206. By phone at 260-481-6030, option 0 or by email at

About the includED program at Purdue Fort Wayne

In the Fall of 2011 Purdue Fort Wayne launched its mobile computing initiative to investigate how mobile technology could be used for teaching, learning, and research. During the project, several departments considered adopting digital content, but had concerns: Timely acquisition of the content by the student and access and integration difficulties with content providers.

In the current includED program, faculty experience ease of use because opt into the program and adoption mirrors current textbook adoption practices. Students experience ease of use because of integration with the campus SIS and LMS for a single point of access to all their course materials giving them a jump start on the first day of class.

Report on the includED program – 2 years into the program

Resources for the includED program at Purdue Fort Wayne

Guides, instructions and videos for integrating includED digital materials into a Blackboard class, as well as guides and instructions for students, including:

  • Getting started and using VitalSource Bookshelf
  • Getting started and using McGraw-Hill Connect and SmartBook


  • For more information or to opt into the includED program, contact the Purdue Fort Wayne Bookstore located in Walb  Union or by phone at: 260-481-0300.
  • For technical assistance or to report a technical issue, contact the Purdue Fort Wayne Help Desk.
    Location: Kettler Hall, room 206
    Phone: 260-481-6030

Things to know:

When a class is designated as includED, it means that its required textbook(s) and/or other publisher provided materials are digital and are accessed in course through Blackboard.  The materials are available to students on or before the first day of class.  The fees for these publisher-provided materials have been posted as ‘Course Material Fees’ to their Bursar Student Account and billed by the Bursar’s Office.



Letting student's know that they are in an includED class is important and currently from Purdue Fort Wayne and the Bookstore happens in two primary ways:

  1. From Purdue Fort Wayne, when a students views the course scheduled published publicly on OASIS they should see a notation that reads "eTextbook Course; Course Materials Fees Included On Student Account” and,
  2. If a student clicks on the name of the course on either the OASIS course schedule or the schedule of classes accessed from within MyIPFW, they will be taken to a web page managed by Follett that lists the materials needed for the course and specifies under the Required Material(s) heading what the adoption is and  that the materials are part of includED,

 In addition to these notification to students, it is highly recommended that you let your students know that your class is part of the includED program and that the cost for their course materials is listed as a “course materials fee” on their student bill either via an email to the class and/or verbal announcement on the first day of class. It is also recommended that this information be included on the course syllabus.



Many includED digital adoption has the option for the student to acquire a customized to Purdue Fort Wayne, low-cost print version of the textbook. These custom books are made available to students in one of two ways. First, if you’re using a Pearson product, such as MyLab or Mastering, the cost of these custom books is included in the fee. Students can go to the Purdue Fort Wayne bookstore and request a copy. 

If your textbook is by another publisher, print versions are available for purchase at a reduced price, typically between $20-$35. Please note that some adoptions do not have available a print option, although the majority do. Please contact the Purdue Fort Wayne Bookstore for details.



Digital publisher materials that are adopted through the includED program accessed by students and faculty via a course link/building blocks connect created by the faculty member from within their Blackboard class. Depending on which publisher you are using will determine what building block link needs to be set up. Prior to the start of the semester you will receive instructions on how to set-up this course link/building block integration between your Blackboard course and publisher material.



Access to adopted publisher materials varies by publisher, but is typically between 6 to 12 months. If a class is a two-part course, students pay for access when they enroll in the first course.  Access to the publisher materials in this scenario is typically for 12 months so that a student can enroll in the second part of the class within this time frame and still have access to the digital materials without having to pay a second fee.

If a student needs to retake a class, in most cases if this is also done within this 12-month time frame, the student continues to have access to the publisher materials without having to pay a second fee.

However, if a student does not take the second course in a sequence, or retake a needed class within the 12-month period, or if the instructor or department changes the adoption, a fee will be assessed. For questions, please contact either the Bursar Office located in Kettler Hall, G57 or call 481-6824 OR Follett’s Bookstore located in Walb Union, 260-481-0100.





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