Collegiate Connection


While in the PFW Collegiate Connection program, you may take any Purdue Fort Wayne course that a first-year college student would take as long as you have met the prerequisite requirements. Some courses do not have any prerequisites and others may require a placement test or a prerequisite course.

A list of suggested courses organized by day and time is available by clicking on "Course Information" at the left. For other courses (like upper-level science, math, or international languages), please consult the PFW Schedule of Classes. Course descriptions are available in the PFW Bulletin.

Student Handbook

Misplaced your Collegiate Connection Student Handbook? Download a PDF of the handbook.

Student Handbook 2017-2018

Student Handbook 2018-2019

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Collegiate Connection students can apply online (do not use Explorer).

2018 Application (summer, and fall)

Spring 2019 application will be available in early November.

Our Student Says . . .

“My first semester, I fell in love with the campus and the students. I have made a group of friends and I am so glad I decided to attend this program.”  Madelyn, North Side High School