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Bring a copy of your current Purdue University Fort Wayne class schedule (which you can print from your goPFW account)  with you to the Bookstore (Follett’s), located in the Walb Student Union. Books are arranged in rows in alphabetical order by department. The shelves are arranged alphanumeric order by the course number.

The information is on your schedule of classes. For example:

Department: SOC for Sociology
Course Number: 16101
Section Number: 14
Instructor: D. Holland

You can also show a copy of your schedule to any bookstore employee, and he or she will be happy to help. Books are usually available three to four weeks prior to the start of classes. Many times there are both new and used textbooks available for both purchase or rental and some classes are now using electronic books.

If an electronic book is required for your class, the fee is automatically added to your account and you will pay for the book when you pay your fees. If an electronic book is required for your class, you do not have the option of purchasing a hard copy elsewhere and not paying the electronic book fee. The book fee will still be your responsibility. If you should drop the course after the first week of class, the electronic book fee is non-refundable.

If the electronic book is optional, meaning you have a choice between purchasing a hard copy or an electronic copy, you will pay for the electronic book at Follett's Bookstore. At the bottom of your bookstore receipt will be a web URL and a pass code that you will used to access the electronic textbook.

You may also rent textbooks at a discount; however, you must be 18 and have a credit card or bring your parent or guardian with you to sign the rental contract. For students who are taking Collegiate Connection@your high school classes, you will not be able to rent books. The books must be returned to the bookstore before your class has ended.

You can also order your textbooks online at Follett's.

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Student Handbook

Misplaced your Collegiate Connection Student Handbook? Download a PDF of the handbook.

2018-2019 Student Handbook

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“I am able to see how college works and it is very different from high school.  Also, it is helping me to get one step closer to my career.”  Miranda, Snider High School