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Appointments in the Writing Center can make writing easier for you and save you time. Think of time spent in the Writing Center as integral—not extra—to writing your paper well. If you schedule an appointment before you put anything on paper, we can help you understand your assignment, brainstorm, outline your paper, or develop a research plan. If you come in with a draft, we can help you with idea development, organization, citing sources, or grammar and punctuation. A small investment of time with us can save you hours of struggling by yourself.

We offer writing help to all Purdue Fort Wayne students, including returning adults, students for whom English is a Second Language, and both experienced and beginning writers.

Work with us as you write for any class: research papers, analytical papers, argumentative and persuasive papers, reaction papers, creative writing projects, business and technical writing, lab reports, engineering projects, and nursing case studies—to name a few types of assignments. We can help you learn how to narrow your focus and stay focused, why to include certain research materials and reject others, how to make meaning from your sources and show this meaning in your paper, how a reader might react to your paper, and how to revise. Every writer needs a reader!

Appointment Policies

Students schedule appointments through TutorTrac, and meet their consultant in the Writing Center. Please plan ahead as appointment times are limited, especially during Mid-Terms and Finals. If you need an appointment right away, you can check TutorTrac for drop-in times, or you can call or stop in to see if there is time available that day.

When you have an appointment, please arrive on time and check in with the Writing Center staff member at the library's first floor service desk. Consultants will wait 10 minutes before taking someone waiting for a walk-in appointment.

Please do not plan to sign up on TutorTrac for more than three appointments per week and no more than one appointment per day. Each appointment is 45 minutes long. If you cannot attend your appointment, please cancel as soon as you know you can't make it so another student has the opportunity to take that time.

You can cancel the appointment through TutorTrac up until twelve hours before your appointment or call 260-481-5740 on the day of your appointment. (Consider programming the number into your cell phone.) If you fail to cancel or no-show three appointments without notifying us, you will be unable to make another appointment until you speak with the the Writing Center Supervisor. Thank you for your cooperation!

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