Academic Support

Making Appointments

Welcome to TutorTrac

TutorTrac allows you to sign up for individual appointments for the Tutoring Center, the Writing Center, and Math Testing Center. You can easily check online for the date and time of your appointment; you will automatically receive a reminder of the appointment date and time in your e-mail account.

All appointments must be scheduled 12 hours in advance.  

Sign into TutorTrac using your user name and password.

1. Click on “Search Availability. . .” (located on the left side of the screen)

TutorTrac Main Menu      

    2. Choose "Center"

  • Tutoring Center: subject content
  • Writing Center: all writing projects

Select Center

3. Choose “Section:” (course)

4. Set the days and dates to search for available appointments

5. Click the Search button

Search Criteria
6. Click on the time slot you would like to schedule. (Scroll down and across the page, to see a list of tutors/consultants and their available times.) *

7. Save the appointment

8. Close the "Appointment Entry" box

9. Return to the "Main Menu".

Check your appointment in the "Upcoming Appointment", located on the center of the screen.

Make a note of your appointments so you don't forget. Feel free to come to the Service Desk in Kettler G19.

To delete an appointment made in error, click on the "X" (located at the bottom of the appointment information) and then click "Confirm Cancellation". Appointments can be canceled online up to 12 hours prior to the appointment time. After that time, please contact the center to cancel.

Additional Information

If you cannot find a tutor for your course, please visit the Service Desk or call 481-5740 to ask for assistance.

If you have a disability that requires accommodations, please have SSD inform us so appropriate arrangements can be made.

To make your appointment, click TutorTrac [link]. Central Authentication will be required.