Academic Support

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

What is Embedded Tutoring? 

Embedded tutoring is a way of bringing academic support to students inside and outside of the classroom. Professors request and invite tutors to sit in the class and to work with students in the classroom. In addition, these tutors are available to assist students at one of the tutoring locations on-campus.


For embedded tutors in Math and Sciences, contact Jack Schroeder.

Office: Kettler Hall, Room G18A

Phone: 260-481-5722

For embedded tutors in languages, communication and/or writing fellows in any course, contact Kristine Frye.

Office: Library, Room 248A
Phone: 260-481-0257


For embedded tutors in music, social sciences, or humanities, contact Barton Price.

Office: Library, Room 248B

Phone: 260-481-6268