Career Services

Reverse Career Fair

Student Groups Attending 2016

Student Group

Majors Represented

21st Century Ambassadors

General Studies, Criminal Justice

Active Minds

Public Management, Psychology, Accounting


Biology, Health Services Administration, Nursing, Public Management

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineering

Anthropology Club


Athletics Events Staff

Mixed – Majors

Career Services Graduate Interns

English - graduate and Biology - graduate

Dean of Students Diplomats

Finance, Education, Nursing

Department of Computer Science

Specializations: Computer Programmers, Software Engineering, Cyber Security & Digital Forensics, Robotics & Intelligent Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Mining Data Management & Database Administration, Computer Network Administration

Global Mastodons – Study Abroad

Psychology, Spanish, History, Hospitality Management, International Certificate

International Student Ambassadors

Mixed – Majors

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF)

Communication Sciences Disorders, Marketing, Communication, Elementary Education

IPFW Delta Sigma Pi

Accounting and Finance Marketing and Management Economics Organizational Leadership and Supervision

IPFW Honors Program

Chemistry, Biology, Business, Accounting, Chemistry (Bio-Chem)

IPFW Men’s Basketball Team

Mixed – Majors


Mechanical Engineering Tech, Organizational Leadership & Supervision, Biology, Nursing, Sociology, Computer Engineering Tech

IPFW Sales Society

Business, Econ, Public Policy, Organizational Leadership & Supervision

IPFW Summit Scholars

Business, Civil Engineering, Accounting, Management

IPFW Women’s Soccer Team

General Studies, Deciding

IPSGA – Student Senate

Nursing, Social Studies Education


Office of Diversity & Multicultural Affairs

Public Policy, Psychology, Communication, General Studies, Constructional Engineering Technology, Biology Graduate program, Nursing

Organizational Leadership & Supervision

Organizational Leadership and Supervision and General Studies

Organizational Leadership & Supervision – HR

Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Peer Health Educators

Biology, Psychology

Radiography Student Group


Tau Upsilon Alpha

Human Services