Career Services

Parents & Family



The staff of the Career Services Office recognizes that you as a parent or family member of an student/alum are a valuable part of their career development process. We therefore have created a list of resources and information to aid you as you assist your student in choosing a major, choosing a career, applying for an internship, or even searching for a job.

Information for Parents and Family Members of Students/Alumni:

  • Career counseling appointments: Your  student/alum can make an appointment to see a career counselor for a variety of reasons, including choosing a major, selecting a career, obtaining related experience, creating a resume and cover letter, or even searching for a job. These appointments are free and can be scheduled by calling Career Services at 260-481-0689. You are welcome to accompany your student/alum to this appointment, but please know that the career counselor will focus primarily on your student during the appointment.
  • Career assessments: If your student/alum is unsure of the area in which they would like to major, or which career to choose, sometimes a career assessment can help. They are welcome to meet with a career counselor to discuss their concerns and options. They can schedule an appointment by calling Career Services at 260-481-0689.
  • Career Planning & Your Student/Charting their course for the Career Journey

For additional information, please visit  Family Outreach.