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What is an externship?
An externship gives students the opportunity, over two-to-five days during
fall or spring break, to explore a specific career path, gain marketable job
experience, and make professional connections by working with
employees or community employees currently working in a field the
student is interested in. Think of it as a mini unpaid internship!

When does it occur?
Externships occur over fall break and last for two working days as
well as over spring break for two-to-five working days (you specify the
exact times).

How it helps students:
The experience should help students better understand their desired work
environment and career field, helping them clarify their career goals.
It gives students a professional contact—you could serve as a reference
for an internship, co-op, permanent job, or other type of work.

How does it help you?
Externships benefit you as a host by allowing you to mentor students who
are interested in your career field. An externship student could also be a
future intern or employee!

What activities and experiences might be good for externs?
To give students a sense of the work environment and allow them to
explore career interests and goals, consider including them in the
following activities:
• Participate in staff meetings
• Complete office tasks or assist with projects
• Conduct informational interviews of staff
• Observe client interactions
• Tour the facilities
• Review organization’s mission/vision statement
• Understand office policies and procedures
• Discuss current trends in the profession
• Explore potential career paths within the organization and the profession

Note that these are just some typical activities for externs. The structure
is up to you!

How are students chosen?
Students apply and are selected for an externship through
Career Services by:
• Submitting a résumé to an externship posting on I Handshake,
our state-of-the-art web-based system
• Interviewing with a career counselor
Career Services staff will review applications and assign students to an
externship based on their interests and your preferences.

As an employer, can I select student(s)?
No. However, you may assist us in the decision. Career Services
staff will screen student applicants and make a selection based on the
preferences (student major, etc.) you indicate on the registration. We make
every effort to make a match that will benefit both the student and the host.

Will students contact me directly?
Only after a student has been assigned as an extern to you will he or she
be given your contact information. Students will not receive your contact
information during the application process. You will contact them to set up
the first meeting.

What is the Cost?
There is no cost associated with participating in an externship.
Students are wholly responsible for transportation and any other cost
associated with participation.

How do I Participate?
It’s simple. Just fill out the host registration form at or
contact Kathryn McLaughlin, Graduate Intern of career services,

Making the most of this valuable, meaningful student experience?   

While the structure of the student experience is at the discretion of the
host, we ask that all hosts be mindful of providing the most worthwhile
experience, one that exposes the student(s) to the expertise of others
in the field and provides real-world, hands-on training to help acquire
basic skills and build a résumé. Thus, it would not be appropriate to
assign tasks that limit the scope of the experience (i.e. filing, cleaning,
data-entry, etc.). Externships may provide students with unparalleled
opportunities to define and pursue learning goals, to explore career
interests in a variety of settings, and to build a professional network.
Career Services sincerely appreciates your support of our
students in this very valuable, meaningful program.

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Kathryn McLaughlin
Graduate Intern