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IPFW Career Services Values


Career Services Values

1. We value a goal oriented career development process encompassing ethical decision making, integrity in our relationships, and maintaining accountability with everyone we serve.
2. We are aware of our unique and diverse student population and aspire towards the development of programs and services to meet their needs.
3. We value excellent service by being accessible, respecting individual career choices, and building personal relationships with our students and alumni.
4. We value partnerships with employers and continually seek to connect them with our students and alumni to further our mission.
5. We value professional development in order to stay current in the various career fields of our students, alumni, and employers, as well as within the career development profession.
6. We model professional behavior and leadership to aid students in their career goals.
7. We value a healthy balance between personal and professional responsibilities which enables Career Services to joyfully serve our students with energy and a positive attitude.