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Career Development Center

Helping Mastodons Succeed

A faculty member and student discuss the student's future plans.

A Team of Support for Students

As faculty and staff members, it’s your job to support students on their path to earning their degree and, ultimately, entering the professional world. We encourage you to inform students early and often about the opportunities, services, and tools that the Career Development Center can offer them. With your encouragement, we can help our students achieve the future they want. 

Classroom Presentations

We're happy to present in your class at any time. If you know you will need to miss a class due to a conference or other commitment, that is an excellent opportunity to provide valuable career information to your students right in their classroom. Choose from a list of topics, including Career Exploration, Networking 101, and Résumé and Cover Letter Writing. Be sure to provide us with a time allotment, and we will cover class for you.

Support Student Growth

Encourage your students to explore all the options that the Career Development Center has to offer, and help them prepare for the future. With help from the Career Development Center, students can take the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and apply them to job-seeking activities that can land them the career they want. Check out The Connect email newsletter every two weeks to stay up-to-date on opportunities available to students in your college.

Portrait: Travis Kratt

A college education can take you much farther and much higher in the workplace. Through Career Services, I have learned from mock interviews, and I have learned how to write a strong résumé and cover letter that stand out."
Travis Kratt, Student