Top 10 FAQs

How do I know how much I need?

  • Please review the Tuition and Fees matrix.  The amount of tuition and mandatory fees will be assessed depending upon the number of credits you are registered for.  This is only an estimate, there may be additional fees that correspond to specific classes.

When will I get my bill?

  • The Bursar’s office begins generating bills for Fall mid-July, for Spring mid-November and for Summer mid-April.  

When is my bill due?

  • Tuition and Fees for Fall and Spring are due the Friday before classes begin.  For Summer fees, your registration date determines your due date.  Please review you initial billing statement for details.

How do I get my bill? Will my bill come in the mail?

  • Purdue University Fort Wayne does not send paper bills. The Bursar’s office will send a notification to your student email when new statements are generated.  It is then your responsibility to log into goPFW and review your Bursar Student Account eStatement

How do I pay my bill?

  • Online with Visa/Mastercard/Discover or electronic funds transfer from checking/savings account or Western Union.
  • In person at the Bursar's office with cash, check, or money order.
  • Mail in a payment via check or money order.

What if I cannot pay by the due date?  What should I do?

  • Please review and enroll in a deferred payment plan, it's easy!  If these options will not work, please come and speak to us…we can work with you to keep you in school at least for the current semester.

Can I enroll in a payment plan for the amount my Financial Aid does not cover?

  • Yes, your Bursar Student Account has been given a temporary credit for the amount of expected aid…please enroll in a deferred payment plan for the difference now…you do not need to wait for the aid to disburse.

I am a parent, can I call and talk to the Bursar’s office about my student's bill?

  • If your student has added you as an authorized user, then we are able to verify and discuss account specific information with you.
  • If you are not an authorized user, we cannot discuss the account with you.
  • Please have your student add you as an Authorized User, you will then receive billing statements, access to the Bursar account and we will be glad to answer your questions.

Are there additional fees for paying with a credit card?

  • Effective May 1, 2018, students who use a credit or debit card to pay tuition, fees, fines and other student account expenses will be charged a 2.75 percent processing fee (minimum of $3.00) by TouchNet® PayPath. See Credit Card Convenience Fees FAQs for more information.

When will I get my refund?  What is the fastest way to get my refund?

  • Disbursement week is the week before classes start.  Financial aid will begin disbursement of funds. Once funds are disbursed and all Bursar account tuition and fees are paid, any eligible excess aid will be refund.  For more information, please read about our refunding process.
  • The fastest way to get your refund is to use our Direct Deposit option.