GoArmy TA Information

GoArmyEd, the Army's Virtual Gateway to Education-Anytime, Anywhere supports Army National Guard, Active Duty and Army Reserve.  This is a one-stop Web site that allows Soldiers, Army Education Counselors, and schools to conduct business for all education needs in a seamless Soldier-centric environment.

Soldiers are now able to register for college courses or on-duty classes and review their student records 24X7. GoArmyEd links directly with schools to allow the Army to pay schools upfront, lifting that burden from Soldiers and ensuring that schools are paid in a timely and efficient manner.

New User information including a video and pocket reference guide can be found on the GoArmyEd website link below.


Please note some very important issues.
  1. Army Tuition Assistance will only cover the Tuition portion of our per credit hour Tuition & Fee rates.
    • For Fall 2018, Spring & Summer 2019 that is $243.95 per credit hour.
    • No other Fees will be covered.
  2. Go Army now Requires you to have your Tuition Assistance Fully Authorized through the Go Army system before the first day of classes.
  3. Bring your approved TA Authorization form to the Bursar Office before the due date. (Details on how to print your TA Authorization form are on GoArmy's website under helpdesk.)
  4. Grades below 'C' for undergraduate work and grades below 'B' for graduate work will be recouped for classes with a start date of 7/24/14 and after.
  5. GoArmy Requires an itemized 'Statement of Account'. To obtain this Itemized Tuition and Fee Account Statement:
  • Log in to goPFW, Select the 'Billing & Financial Aid' tab and choose the 'Billing' Icon dollar sign in the Bursar Student Account Information box.
  • Click on 'My Account' then Select 'Current Activity'.
  • Select the current term using the 'Select a Term' drop down menu.
  • The page that appears will be your current term charges, with your estimated Financial Aid.
  • Print and upload to GoArmy as your "Statement of Account"