AmbassaDON Pledge


To promote Purdue Fort Wayne to the Fort Wayne community through service, engagement, and involvement. 



For more information about the AmbassaDON program please contact:

Tamera Dunn
Assistant Director for Residential Education
4010 W. Housing Dr.


“Being an ADON for IPFW has afforded me the opportunities and solidified my passion for not only this university, but also the surrounding communities. Entering university life as a non-traditional student, veteran, and working professional I knew the value that could be gained from being involved in extra/co-curricular activities and organizations and the value employers place on such. By utilizing the networking opportunities provided by being an ADON I have met: educators, administrators, civic leaders, state and federal politicians, CEO’s, COO’s, CFO’s, business owners, movie stars. . . I am proud to say my blood now runs Blue & White and I am proud to call myself a Mastodon!” ~ Christopher Lamm, AmbassaDON 2009-2011

"The best part about AmbassaDONS is the ability to network. I was involved in jobs on campus that I know I would not have had if it weren't for AmbassaDONS!" ! Holly Leupp, AmbassaDON 2007-2008

"Many of the different activities and skills that I learned during AmbassaDON trainings and programs, I use today. In my classroom, I use icebreakers often. Also, while teaching a Careers & Life Skills course to high school freshmen, I taught many of the resume, professional skills and communication skills I learned as an AmbassaDON, to my students in the classroom." ~Ashley Haydock, AmbassaDON 2007-2008