Alumni Relations


Qualifications and History

Bob F. Jesse was born in Fort Wayne and attended Purdue University after serving in World War II. After graduation he worked in construction working his way up to company president of CEBOR Construction headquartered in Fort Wayne.  He later purchased his own company, Indiana Construction Company.  He served on IPFW councils and committees and as president of the IPFW Foundation.  He also served on the Purdue Board of Trustees from 1976-1999, including four years as Chairman.  Bob was honored as a Sagamore of the Wabash recipient by both Indiana Governors Robert Orr and Frank O’Bannon.  In 1996 he received the first Bob F. Jesse Medal from IPFW.

This award is presented each year to a Purdue graduate for unique and significant contributions to IPFW. This medal cannot be given to an employee of the university.


2018       Andrew Bourne, '12 MS

2017       Karson Putt, '02 AS, '02 BS

2008       Mike R. Fritsch, '79 BA, '80 AS, '82 BS

2007       John S. Sofia, '83 AAS, '84 BS

2006       Kurt Heidenrich

2005       Sandy L. McMurtrie, '92 AS, '98 BS

2004       Kurt Heidenrich

2003       John P. Whitacre, '77 AAS, '82 BS

2002       Maclyn T. Parker, '99 HDR

2001       Ed Neufer, '59 BS

2000       Alfred W. Kettler, Jr., 41 BS

1999       Jack Sunderman, '51BS,'63PhD,'00MS

1998       Phil Kennell'55BA,'56MA,'76PhD,'91BGS

1997       W. Wayne Townsend, '51 BS

1996       Bob F. Jesse, '49 BS, '99 HDR