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Broyles Medal


History and Qualifications

Dr. Broyles came to the Indiana University Extension Center in 1941 as an instructor in chemistry. In 1950 he became Assistant Director and was appointed dean of the Fort Wayne Campus of Indiana University in 1966. He was present at the placement of the cornerstone of the Education Building, the first building on the current campus that was later named Kettler Hall.

This award is given to an IU graduate of any campus for unique and significant contributions to our campus. This medal cannot be given to an employee of the university.


2018          Betsy Chapman

2011         Thomas Cottrell

2010         John Prithard

2006         Dennis Becker

2003          Richard G. Inskeep

2002         Linda S. Balthaser

2001         Dr. David Matthews

2000         Paul Helmke

1999         Elizabeth Heine

1998         Franklin Bryan

1997         Phillip O'shaughnessy

1996         Robert E. Wise

1995         Rebecca L. Teagarden

1994         none awarded

1993         Joseph Morrow

1992         Jerry Fox

1991         William F. McNagny

1990         Ralph G. Schimmele

1989         Marjorie Person

1988         Janet Iden Kamdar

1987         Edgar F. Kettler

1986         Lawrence Lee

1985         Thelburn Laroy Engle

1984         Beverly A. Richard

1983         Robert E. A'Hearn

1982         Ruth D. Swank

1981         Bill C. Anthis

1980         Walter P. Helmke

1979         Carolyn P. Gutman

1978         Harriet S. Inskeep

1977         Jeanne S. Miller

1976         John N. Pichon, Jr.

1975         Walter E. Helmke